Vampire and the Belly Dancer

The watchmen is sleeping tonight
The moon is hidden behind the clouds
The owls are weeping in fright
The beetles buzzing without delight
The wind is quivering tonight.

Her Half-dark apartment is filled with a whimsical breeze
Her lips suddenly froze without a sigh
She surrendered herself to the approaching storm.
That fickle mist infiltrates inside her chambers
Creating a unique harmony amid tenderness… 

There were uneven noises; there was a sound of glee
The pink haze slowly penetrates into her soul
There was a unique sensation amid so much turmoil
The encounter was no less than a marvel
Tonight, she isn’t alone
Tonight, she isn’t alone…


  1. mysterious kind of write... well written..

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I sense i vague sense of eroticism in this poem mixed with a sense of unobtrusive darkness. Is that where the vampire comes in?
    Beautifully written poem, Pallav.

  3. Spot-on D2. Extremely beautiful interpretation :)

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