The Urban Chaos – A Tale About Lust, Love and Disharmony

Together we created castles of sand, together we went through the narrow aisles, and together we felt that beautiful pain. There are various things in life that often tickles our bones; there are various moments in our life that stays like an everlasting shadow. We keep moving with the flow but the chaos of our past keeps pestering us.

We often remember those intimate moments with our loved ones; we often get carried away by that silent storm of desire. The ditch gives us fright. The ugly haze of pain never abandons us. They just keep intruding in our lives. The smoke of disharmony makes us restless and we feel like burning all memories and walk with that fake smile.

The world is changing everyday but we are always the same. There are sounds of silence in our living rooms, there are photographs of lust in our closet, there are some maple leaves and there are some old letters that exude nothing but agony.

Together we stood against the approaching thunderstorm, together we made our kingdom. The aura of our past may not be soothing always; the wind blowing from the west may not be that great. Our existence may be somewhat hazy; our present may not be flowery. There are old wine bottles in our balconies, there are ashes of reminiscences sleeping everywhere in our thoughts, there are cacophonies here and there.

We love to gaze at the shining moon, we love to admire the twinkling stars, we love to cuddle, and we love to walk hand in hand below the shades. Everything is just momentary but there is always a hope.

There are moments of rejuvenation, there are times of depression, there are different phases of life and we love to feel the vivid nuances. The tale of lust, love and disharmony is nothing but those phases that keep us alive amid an extreme chaos…


  1. That was a beautiful post. It has brought out the emotions of one clinging to the past wonderfully.:)

  2. Of all the things in life, perhaps dreams and hope are the only ones that matter the most and hold paramount importance preceding almost always anything!

    This post made me appreciate just that fact!

  3. Wat a beautiful portrayal of past, pain, love and dreams...
    I see that whoever is reading it, the post is revealing a new meaning to each of us.
    Thts the beauty of it!

    Kp Up!!

  4. @Nethra...Yes! Sometimes the symphonies of our past create a unique music in our present. Thanks for the appreciation.

    @Rakesh...True. Dreams and hope keeps us alive :)

    @Richa...Thanks. I have tried to add some hope at the end to give it a happy ending. Life isn't so dark after all. There are only phases.

  5. Being one of those lot who has had an eventful past that deals with both the good and bad sides of life, it felt like walking down the memory lane...

    Beautifully written! Kudos!