Some Hidden Chapters from an Urban Man's Diary

Schizophrenia, madness, lust, dry orgasms and hallucinations create dirty shadows. There is unexpected collapse, there are heartbreaks, there is agony – his smile no more exudes glory. There is suffocation, there is heat, there is death, there are violins, and there are leafless trees. Saturdays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays look all same.

The movement is missing as he is cursed by humanity. His brain is no more working. He is our urban man – clueless and dazed. His teardrops are nothing but water, his existence is nothing but pain.

He sees nightmares, he shivers in his loneliness, and his screams for freedom are unheard. His soft voice amuses nobody, his writes fluff. He is juggling between the realms of sanity and insanity. His eyes are red, he smokes in haste, he whistles but in pain. Misunderstandings, hatred and loudness are creating uproar.

He is dying every night; he is our urban man who feels no fright. Cactus, trance, drugs, one night stands and betrayals are the part of his life. He is like filth moving like a dead man through the aisles of lust and gore. He is sleeping with escorts; he is chasing a mirage...

There is ugliness, there are rats. The urban man is taking a blood bath. He is on the prowl. He is walking alone through the haze of desire. He is witnessing a fall. The urban man is unable to clear his scars; he is unable to rise…

Suddenly – He wakes up, he sees the morning light, he gets the fragrance of white lilies, and he finds solace and harmony. Finally, he is awake. He is no more quivering in his loneliness. The urban man is all free, he is flying now, and he is whistling with delight, he is back after some scary dark nights….


  1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide?

  2. Why is there so much darkness associated with the Urban being? There's so much derision associated with the urban psyche and living..wonder why, when we will not have it any other way? or is it a form of calling it as it is, stark and ugly because the honesty too is part of being an urban soul?

  3. I think that's honesty and everyone loves to flaunt those bleak and ugly honest feelings. That's a part of reality and we all love to experience once. Sometimes darkness too plays beautiful melodies I guess. It's all part of our existence and we can't run away from these perplexities. Thanks Journomuse for your honest interpretation:)