The Portrait of a Fleeting Shadow

Tonight I am not capturing your heart
Tonight I am not scribbling for delight
I could see pain in your eyes
I could see those bland smiles
I could hear the silence
I am living another day of curse…

My mouth is craving for water
My soul is no more breathing for you
Tonight I am writing for that vanished love
Tonight I am not feeling those melodies of lust.
I could see those bland smiles
I could see those unseen tears

The twinge is agonising
The fleeting shadows are disturbing me.
I could see some flash of light
I could see some eerie smiles in the dark…
Tonight I am capturing your silence
Tonight I am not craving for your presence….

My fingers are moving slowly
My eyes are fixed,
And my tongue is no more fluttering.
Tonight I am not yearning for raindrops
Tonight I am just feeling the void…


  1. Hey, that was nice. :)

  2. This was really good.
    Satisfaction in spite of gloom.
    Well written.

  3. Thanks D2, You got it right. It's all about emptiness, gloom and poetry :)

  4. Neat....I was never a fan of poetry although I had to study it in college...But seeing some of you so effortlessly craft such lovely lines, makes me rethink :)

  5. Thanks Journomuse for loving my poetry. It feels great to get genuine appreciations :)

  6. The poem was too good! Kinda reflected what i am today, in a way, made me feel better too!

    Thanks! Pleasure reading your portrait :)

  7. You poems are so full of pain and longing...great going Pallav!

  8. YOU got an award waiting for you in my blog :) the way...your poems are power houses of imagination and emotion combined together...keep up the good work.


  9. Beautifully written :)

  10. Thanks Nalini for the appreciation

    @Wanderer...It feels great to receive such wonderful and inspirational words. Thanks for the honor wanderer :)

    @Shas...Thanks for liking my poem.

  11. It's a wonderful poem, depicted longing, pain and anguish beautifully !!

    Glad I stopped by your blog :)