Plane Crash

Closing my eyes,
Feeling the deep blue sky
I am flying with the tide
The wind was same, the ambiance was fine
I am flying with the clouds.
I am coming back home

Closing my eyes
Feeling the deep blue sky
I am listening to my favorite song
The wind was same,
My mood was young
I am coming back home…

I am peeping through the glass
I am seeing my own face
I am getting restless to meet my dear ones
The wind was same
My mood was lively

I am swaying my body with delight
All those fond memories revisiting me
I am listening to my favorite song
I am flying; I am just flying with a hope…

The wind started blowing harder
Some unfriendly smokes surrounded me
I tried to move myself a bit
I tried to break free…
Closing my eyes
I am feeling the deep blue sky
I flying away with all my dreams
Leaving behind some happy memories…


  1. Poignant yet beautiful work, Pallav! You rightly deserve to be called a 'great writer' as you mentioned in your Facebook status! Fabulous!

  2. Moving tribute! Wonderfully well written!

  3. Beautifully penned down the saga of those unfortunate people who lost their lives with their last hope to meet their closed ones unfulfilled...

  4. Thanks Parth, Rakesh and Namita :)

  5. Benign, beautiful.
    Obviously, comes at an appropriate time with the plane crash in Mangalore.
    Beautiful poetry.

  6. Such an unfortunate incident... Some how... words are more painful than images!

  7. The incident made realise how temporary everything is:(

  8. hi pallav very well written, really touched a chord there.

  9. Thanks Rain Crab, Ana_treek and Rajani for appreciating my poetry :)