My Old Pair of Jeans

Days, months and years gone by
Many summers, many winters and many memories
Are simply left behind…

There were moments of glory
There were times of desire
The tide kept changing
The wind kept moving
But the increasing charm of my old pair of jeans
Kept imitating a sense of harmony…

It’s becoming familiar with rain and the heat
It’s bestowing a unique euphoria
The natural fade is exuding style
I am feeling at ease,
I am enjoying the overall makeover.

It’s hanging now like a laid-back king
Thinking, resting and snoring without fright.
Once unrecognized, labeled and tagged
Once mishandled and molested by shopkeepers
Is now free like a mocking bird, enjoying every delight.

I can’t leave this beauty
I am naturally getting in vogue.
It’s no more bullied as tattered and frayed
Rather envied and gazed.
The tale of my old pair of jeans ends here,
with a hope and a bit of desire…


  1. Wonderful outlook. Same case here, I too love my old worn out jeans. I keep it safely in my wardrobe but can't wear due to consistent increase in my belly size. Hmmm, miss my jeans.

  2. Boy, aren't we all so emotionally attached to our old pairs of jeans! Awesome!

  3. @Anto...Thanks for sharing your story :)

    @Rakesh...So true :)