Maroon Sky – A Prayer for Rain

Hey Rain God, where are you these days?
Hey Rain God, why are you so angry with us?
Hey Rain God, Why you are torturing us so much?
Hey Rain God, Why don’t you show your face once?

Delhi is burning while everywhere it’s raining
We are craving for some drops
We are whining every day and night long
Hey Rain God, when are you visiting us…

Listen to our prayers; please come back from the Himalayas.
We are sulking; we are so very in pain.
The hot air is biting us,
Everything is so dry
There is something missing in our lives
Hey Rain God, why don’t you play your unique song?
Hey Rain God, why don’t you send some thunderbolts?

The volcanic heat is creating storm in our minds
The dripping sweat is killing us
We are missing that cool evening breeze,
We are tired of facing that piercing morning heat
We are dying for drops.

The maroon sky is staring at us rudely
The languish trees are showing no signs of glee
Hey Rain god, please give us some eternal shower
Hey Rain god, we are eagerly waiting for you…


  1. Nice one Pallav..I can see the cries of a Delhite there. It's actually maddening...the heat has broken all records this summer...watt lag gayi hai yaar!

  2. Aww how sweet is that!!...I am sure the Rain God will bring some rain your way very soon!!

  3. Thanks Antara...hope Rain God is listening:)

  4. We are to blame ourselves for the lack of rainfall. Global warming is what it is and our combined efforts are needed to stop or slow the process.

  5. Yes, global warming is making our lives miserable. We should plant more trees in order to prevent acid rain in future. Thanks Krishna for such a beautiful thought.

  6. Good one Pallav. Having lived in Delhi for close to 5 years, I know how this feels!

    And your prayer seems working......its clouded here in Ooty now! You won't believe how warm it is here these days!

  7. Well add pune to the list...I believe over a period of time places like pune have started becoming warm!! we all want the rain

  8. dont hate delhi so much.this place teaches u how to survive in other place has such the craving and u will learn to enjoy the pleasure of rain entirely

  9. A good poem...hope we get some relief from the notorious summer of Delhi soon!

  10. hahahahah it's liks the work of a kid :D

    Oh btw, Bombay is frying it's brain too :) though i bet delhi is worse!

  11. I can see Ooty,Pune ,Bombay, Delhi coming together. Everyone here is praying for raindrops but Rain God is still missing.

    @nandita...You are the lucky one I guess. Shillong is definitely the best place to laze.

    @Rakesh...I can't believe that Ooty is also warm these days.

    @Shahid...Pune must be too humid :)

    @Rachana...Delhi is burning :(

    @Shreya...Bombay is better than Delhi for sure. At least you have beaches. Yes, it's a childish poem. Is it a poem? Confused :)

  12. Seems your prayers worked...... Cyclone Laila was passing along and last night was rock n roll!

  13. Wow...that's amazing :)

  14. Very nice pallav! We in Chennai were praying the rain God with a very similar tune and yesterday the God sent us "LAILA". We felt a lot better...I have expressed the effect of Laila in my recent post....You will definitely get some hope out of it!!....Thanks for sharing :-)

  15. Well Mumbai Needs You Too!! DO YOU HEAR ME... Mr. RAIN GOD???

  16. @Anto...You got Laila. We are still craving :)

    @Kcalpesh...Mr. Rain God isn't listening to our prayers. Hey Rain God, we are waiting for you with open arms…

  17. awesome poetry.god blessed delhi with rains after all.