A Long Walk through the Aisles of Cacophony

He grins amid chaos, hunger, restlessness, and disharmony. He observes and walks away without pronouncing anything. He collects soft pebbles and maple leaves, he preserves and captures every memory. He scribbles endlessly; he floats with the approaching breeze. The thunderstorm wakes him up, he hides inside a safe place as he tries to run from the shadows of death. He fails in the game of love but rises in his loneliness.

Bad angels keep disturbing him but he could still see those divine smiles caressing and supporting him. His frozen thought slightly melts down and he drinks them with an extreme delight. The monotony in his words no more tortures him, the connection keeps motivating him. He becomes a chronicler of pain, boredom, and delight. He keeps rubbing his head. Confusions and clueless-ness keep him sane. He peeps through his window pane to see the world outside, he tries to inhale the fragrance of a hot summer daytime. 

A long walk through the aisles of cacophony is becoming interesting for him as he is capturing vivid pictures of melancholy, happiness and an inbuilt madness throughout the journey.  The weirdness is exuding smokes of hope; the perpetual stillness in his life is producing wings of desire. He is becoming friendly to those streetlights, he is happy to walk through the quietness of the dark.

Suddenly he wakes up from his deep slumber only to find beautiful flowers and petals resting next to him. His world suddenly brightens up. The bad angels were gone, he is now a free man, and he is no more seeing nightmares, he became a free spirit and walking through the aisles of beauty, solace, and glory again.


  1. I like the allegory seemingly made to a nightmare. The gloomy part is indeed very vivid. Nice work!

  2. Thanks D2 for describing and interpreting the allegories :)

  3. Have you heard the song "Sounds of silence".?
    This post somehow reminded me of that song.


  4. Superb!!! Cant think of a better word to describe!!

    For once, i feel i hav found someone, who can critically evaluate my blog posts and sincerely give me a feedback.


  5. great post pallav...u portrayed the allegory with beauty n finesse , great ! u spoke of my heart ! keep writing......

  6. @Vasu…Thanks for the comparison :)

    @About Vyo’s world…Thanks for your comment

    @just_a_pen_in_my_hand…Thanks! The allegories look much better now.

  7. I really like your writing style... the imagery for the little thoughts and feelings is captured so well by you.

    I loved this line: "His frozen thought slightly melts down and he drinks them with an extreme delight." Totally innovative!

  8. Thanks Venice for appreciating my words :)