Imaginary World – Vampires, Dragons and Some Fallen Angels

Take some potion, you’ll feel good. Have some glasses of desire, you’ll fly. Take a dip in the ocean of dreams. You’ll a get a glimpse of bliss. The ordinary world is full of chaos – Mental and physical. The other world looks greener. The distant sky beckons you; the farthest corner of the world understands you. The void inside you gives you sleepless nights while the imaginary world exudes nothing but delight. The unique cloud formation in the eastern sky soothes your eyes, the morbid reality isn’t that beautiful, and you are just an ordinary soul walking carelessly through the aisles of greed, comparison and hopelessness. Your thoughts are cornered, your smiles are never recognized, and your existence is felt by nobody. You are just like a mannequin with some flesh and blood.

The imaginary world is bright, full of angles, sunbeams and humanity. It’s your abode where you can flaunt yourself the way you want. You can mold your dreams, you can paint pictures of love and lust, you can yell at the top your voice, you can whine like a baby, who can stay like a king.

The pink haze won’t pester you, the dilemma and boredom will never torture you. There’s no boundary, there’s no expectation, there is only on thing that’s freedom. The imaginary world is my kind of world. You are amid vampires, dragons and some fallen angels but they do no harm. You can hear songs of nightingale. The ghosts of dead poets give you a hearty smile here.

The real world gives you pain while you can easily rejuvenate and pamper yourself by visiting this world. You are someone here…

The cold blooded evils have no place in this imaginary world. The materialism fades into oblivion in the world of fantasy. You’ll never find a hint of disharmony.

Here everybody is fine like you and me. Here everybody finally smiles like you and me. There are only symphonies of glee when the two worlds meet. You will never feel disgusted and tired with your imaginations. You will just fly like a mocking bird in the blue sky…


  1. lovely post..have been following your blog for a while now. Your posts push one to imagine each and everything what is written in it...and that itself a big achievement...:)

  2. Wow! That lead me to imagine quite a bit very vividly!


  3. It's all in the mind!
    Nice one, Pallav. Very vivid indeed.

  4. This is awesome!!! Very well written.
    Jus as others said... this is sucha imagination trigger!!!

    Keep rocking! :)

  5. @Vishal… Imagination just gives you wings to fly in harmony as well as in your gloom. I have tried to create an imaginary world which looks far better than the real world. Thanks for following my blog.

    @Rakesh…Vivid imagination is sheer bliss :)

    @D2…It’s all in mind. Absolutely true!

    @The Rain Crab…I am happy as my words are triggering your imagination. There is no end I guess:)

  6. Have always liked your posts. Congrats on winning the Indiblogger competetion.