Backside of the Moon

She sways her body like the candle in the wind. Her perfume tickles your heart, her soft touch creates mayhem. There is so much agony in her eyes, the world looks like a pot full of desire with her sight. She moves her hands in harmony; she can transform a Satan into sand. She can placate a restless soul. Backside of the moon moves with ease and the world revolves around it. Those peaceful valleys and hills beckon you for a union. The arcs give you an eternal satisfaction…

Woman! If I am not wrong is a work of art. Their soft clayey fa├žade, their irresistible grin and their tranquil presence is a treat to everyone’s eyes. They are unpredictable yet so very lovable. They have a world of their own where only the selected few finds place. Mood swings, confusions and lust for deciphering life pester their beautiful souls. They are unique, they are restless but they are very focused unlike men. They are good at deciding things. They have no end to their imagination. They are avid dreamers…

Understanding them may not be an easy thing. Their rudeness may be a reflection of love; their sudden love may be a reflection of their guilt. There are so many possibilities. The mystery continues to woo human psyche. Sometimes their silence exudes approval; sometimes their nod could reflect rejection. They love to hang around with people who make them smile.

There are no golden rules to seduce a woman. There are only possibilities and impossibilities. Yet, they prefer to experiment a lot before plunging into that sea of desire and sometimes everything happens spontaneously. Everything is incomplete without their presence. Sometimes it takes ages to understand them and sometimes it happens within a second.

They can be the reason for your rise; they can be the reason for your fall. They have those keys to unlock your suppressed desires. They have the charm that can make you complete…

Image courtesy: Monika Berenyi


  1. How you have described feminine mystique with such mesmerizing imageries and fervent solicitude.


  2. Thanks Sayak for interpreting this post so well :)