The Tyranny of a Frozen Heart

What happens when insanity dictates your kingdom? What happens when your blank face amuses nobody? What happens when the cloud looks so uneasy? What happens when your frozen heart feels nothing – just nothing at all? The chaos within keeps annoying you – life troubles you and your smiles become sour…

Raindrops look like acid and the blazing sun burns you completely. You become a mannequin with an invalid expression. You keep walking with the current – struggling, falling and struggling. Your waning glory beckons you for a while; you hate to admire your rock-strewn existence. The old apartment looks like a gothic fortress. The silence no more looks pleasant.

The uproar within creates mayhem. You lose everything – your feelings evaporate, and you become an insane soul. People gawk at you endlessly; the mob often annoys your smouldering survival. Melancholy occupies your lonely world and you are no more heard by anybody. You are detached and dethroned. The wires are missing, the smile is lost. There’s only a frozen heart with a decaying body…

The world all of a sudden moves away from you, the isolation grips you and you become dry – drought in your emotions exude through your pen. The words look mundane. Confusions and dilemmas become so conspicuous that you lose all your humane powers. Pain exaggerates your solitude and the sinking boat endlessly craves for the shore.

The daylight is no more golden, the moonlight is no more silvery. The pine trees and the maple leave no more greet you cheerfully. The white lilies are dying in disharmony. The madness is mounting with each passing day and his muddled brain rotting in misery. The diluted planet is creating a matchless agony. The sweet symphonies of life are fading into oblivion. The tyranny of the frozen heart is killing him slowly, slowly and slowly…


  1. where does the intensity come from?:)

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    wow! :) a very descriptive and stylish post with very less cliches (since blog's called Dejavu) ;)

    all i can reply to your post with sincere hope is "this too shall pass"...well unless u enjoy revelling in melancholy. :)

  3. The last paragraph was so melancholic... "The white lilies are dying in disharmony..." woosh!!! brilliant...

    Kp Up!!!

  4. @Ana_treek...Nothingness within can engender intensity with grace :)

    @Abusiveviews...Sometimes the sadness creates bliss and sometimes bliss creates restlessness. Thanks for your appreciation

    @Richa... The blend of madness and sadness is quite a combination. It can create unique imageries that mayn't be attained easily until you acquire a particular state. Thanks Richa for loving my post :)

  5. If you are in Delhi, it reads more like symptoms of a heat stroke :)

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  7. tat ws really nice....nicely expressed....

  8. Thanks Purba and Just_a_pen_in_my_hand for appreciating my post :)

  9. It's easier to express happiness or joy than sad, depression or in this case frozen heart. Well written but if you are going through this, then I wish you recover soon.

  10. Thanks Sanchita for your concern. I am recovering now :)

  11. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Your favorite book is Mrs. Dalloway and your white lilies are dying in disharmony?

    So Friday was a bad day for you, huh?

    Enjoy your writing. You have quite a voice.


  12. Thanks Christine for appreciating my post :)

  13. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Hey pallav,

    Man i felt like u have written down my feelings !!
    Poignant yet beautiful.Hope u r fine :)

    You've laid a nice blog out here..Loved it.C u around

  14. Thanks Song of sea :)