Sounds of Silence and An Urban Muse

Automatic movement of my fingers makes me fine. There are vivid sounds of silence. There are soft strokes of desire in my mind. High sounding vocabularies – no. I am not a philosopher or a writer from a Victorian age; I am just a babbler who tries to capture the melodrama and cacophonies that life creates. Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde are my Gods. I love to read them often in my silent times.

Their words give me a unique high. Words from reality, words from fiction, words from fairy tales and sounds of silence inspires me to create something original, something pure – Is it so? No. I often talk to myself; I gaze at broken walls and mannequins. I am not insane. I am just trying to sound like one…

Soft touches from angels, side glances from voluptuous damsels produce some kind of thunder and lightening. The beauty and ugliness both makes me captivated. I sit in my balcony with some music in the background and a bottle of cold water in my hand – I try to feel the breeze which is no more pleasant these days. Yet, I love the pinches of hot air that tries to bring me back to reality. I have created a beautiful around me.

The bricks and stones motivate me now. I no more crave for hills and valleys. The concrete landscape has its own charm. The urban loneliness is just a myth. The freedom that you get is utter bliss. The street lights and fast pacing cars no more creates chaos. I could hear sounds of silence. I could paint them with my words. I could immortalize them. Am I the God?  – No…


  1. is may be its called adjustment...
    quite random philosophical thoughts...

  2. Some philosophy from a not so philosophical guy :)

    Thanks Rajlakshmi for your comment :)

  3. but if u decide to adjust so much dat it shows in ur words, will u never leave this urban bliss for the natural one?

  4. Anonymous4:08 AM

    wow pallav!!! too good

  5. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Good to know that you have found your glimpse of freedom in the labyrinth of bricks and mortars. Nice musings !!

  6. Whew! But you forsake the hills and the valleys for the scary concrete edifices?

    Now, thats hoping that the greens eventually come number one to you!

    Cheers for another very good write!

  7. @Nandita…I am a born lover. My love for nature would never fade away into oblivion.

    @Anonymous…Thanks for your comment

    @Binzy...Sometimes the labyrinth of bricks and mortar can be inspiring especially to a writer who tries to extract happiness and pain from all his happenstances.

    @Rakesh...I am not giving up hills and valleys for sure. They are always close to my heart :)