The Rise of the Virtual World


Wires connected, headphones clinging to his ears, his fingers move fluently and he tweets and updates facebook status like a Rockstar. He is the master of his thoughts; he completes blog entries without haste and plays online games like a pro… His social skills are getting bigger with each passing day. He is becoming a celebrity among celebrities.

The rise of the virtual world is giving powers to the geeks. They are no more lonely and disturbed. They have the ability to change the world with one tweet. They can fly in an open sky, they can drive the most expensive cars, and they can make love with many such avatars. The animated world has a beauty of its own. Role playing is becoming more popular through such games where you can become anyone. Secondlife is one of the most popular online games that can be extremely addictive at times. People often vent out their emotions through them. They love to transform themselves into harmless avatars. The virtual world is getting crowded with people from every sphere. It’s no only frequented by geeks now.

Social media is changing the face of the world. Almost every big organization has a facebook fan page and twitter account. The reach is high through these platforms. The isolation is fading and the change is definitely stimulating betterment. Many NGOs are receiving funds from their sites and blogs. The frequency of online marriages is getting higher. The dating sites are doing a terrific business in United States and Brazil. Long distance relationships are blossoming without fear. The creativity is in the air and everyone is finding a place here. The world no more looks bizarre and unhappy. It’s coming closer and closer. Your offline experiences are getting captured though your random scribbling. The blissful Sunday mornings get reflected through happy facebook updates. Sometimes we feel exhausted, sometimes we feel monotonous and sometimes we feel bliss here. That’s the beauty of the virtual world. It gives pleasure by default…


  1. Aha... You got it right, Pallav. Our virtual world is slowly overtaking our real-life, our reality.

    Technology has played an important role in this. We can chat with people thousands of kilometers away, but we don't have time to talk to our neighbour.. This is how technology is changing our frame of mind.

    What do you think, Pallav?

  2. Absolutely true Parth and nobody's complaining - that's the best part :)

    We love technology; we love the virtual reality, which is making us sane with each passing day.

    Thanks Parth for your brilliant interpretation :)

  3. May be the day comes when MATYRIX happens in life....
    The virtual has occupied our lives so much that people do not know whats really happening with his roommates.

  4. this is the just start of virtual world.
    3D has to show the effects and future will be very different
    good post

  5. I would like to correct a bit. Seconf life cannot be classified as a game. It does not have a defined goal to achieve. It more of an extention of social media and a place to socialize. Check out my article on SL which i wrote few weeks back.

  6. @Mahesh...Virtual world is becoming more powerful with each passing day.

    @sm...This is just the beginning of virtual world. True!

    Secondlife epitomizes new age role playing. Thanks for your suggestion Moulee. It can be too addictive :)

  7. Indian compan Gogrej wants to get in as well ... try

    Its getting here and faster then expected .. The extension would definately be Augmented Reality. You could read about Augmented Reality on my blog : Http://

  8. Yup...Gojiyo is also doing the same I guess :)

    Thanks Melvin for reading my post:)