Offline Experiences, Online Presence and Bliss in My Corridor

Are you an online person like me? Do you believe in fiction? Are you in love with your computer? Are you a facebook addict? Do you play online games? Are you in touch with your friends who live thousand miles away? Are you an introvert or an ambivert like me? These are the questions that often revolves around my mind. I try to capture my offline experiences while I struggle to express myself with equal panache. Sometimes I look around my world, sometimes I try to look within. The world is changing and I am still at the same place thinking, scribbling and falling.

Sometimes poems captivate my heart and sometimes the harsh reality tortures my soul. Poetry, art, music, photography, design, love, freedom and a constant urge to travel throughout the world keep inspiring me – even in my dreams. I could see better people all around me. My words often sound monotonous. However, the color of the sky keeps changing in my galaxy. Someone rightly said that - addiction to any nature is devastating but I unconsciously become a part of every addiction available next to me.
There are no rules that I persistently follow. I am always in search of bliss and harmony in a chaotic world like this.

Facts and figures do plays an important role in my life but I am quite bad with numbers and its technicalities. Eating ice creams in a sultry night amuses me. Long drives, beer bottles and some good music seem sufficient for me. There is restlessness, there is an urge, and there are confusions and some kind of numbness in and around me. Sometimes the road looks flowery while many a time thorns and pebbles obstruct that acquired harmony. I hate to think but thoughts never leave me. I hate to be philosophical and poetic but my words love to cuddle me.  Writing every night makes me sane, dreaming every night is no more a pain. I could see vivid colours and white lilies. I could see words cruising through my balcony…


  1. heyy good post there, pallav!
    good to see u straddle different contradictory worlds all at once..
    Never ever be a stickler for rules.A bit of irreverence is always needed n good, wot say? ;-)
    and boy, am I with you on the 'writing keeps me sane' bit!I say to one and say to all, just keep writing, with no care or concern in the world!Keep writing, pallav!

  2. Thanks Pravin for such inspirational lines. Writing definitely keeps us sane and we love to scribble anytime, anywhere :)

  3. totally agree with u on tat....great post pallav...always a gud read...i think i am becoming more addicted to ur blog than my usual morning dose of newspaper i used to prefer...keep doin the good things....

  4. Thanks just_a_pen_in_my_hand for such wonderful and inspirational lines especially in a Saturday morning.

    Keep reading :)

  5. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Great post man! :)
    A wide spectrum of thoughts.. all tied together nicely in a single post.. :) the post feels like my own reflection! :)

  6. great knowing you...your thoughts mirror mine...:)

  7. Thanks Saurabh and Nalini for acknowledging my post :)

  8. Hey Pallav,
    You write pretty well, you love writing, and this blog refelects your identity in many ways.
    You, or rather we, are a product of these times - highly tech savvy, online, and inhabiting a virtual world.
    The question I ask myself, and somtimes wonder if others should is "How close to accurate is my online identity, or am I potraying something much cooler and intersting than reality?
    I think its is nice to find meaning & beauty in the harsh realities of our daily lives...there is a certain joy in the sweat, toil, pain and gains we see in our real lives.

    That said, an asbtract poerty, or a beutiful song, or a VIRTUAL conversation, provides a fantastic and necessary escape mechanism.

    If we can balance both worlds, then our thougts and writing gets that much richer :)


  9. Thanks Vasu for your honest words. It feels great to know like minded hearts. Your words have surely added much charm to my write up :)

  10. Hi Pallav,
    Life is big balancing act, isnt it??
    Will be visiting this space often pal!


  11. Yup...we have to balance everything in this life ;)

    Thanks Ketan for visiting my space :)