Long Rides, Guitar and Memories of Yesteryears

Bon Jovi, Jim Morrison, Pink Floyd, Metallica and some floating memories always creates a unique vibration in my living room. Those songs of past, those long guitar sessions, those midnight long rides and those unforgettable parties with my friends and loved ones exude a different kind of fragrance in the air.  The breeze is friendly tonight and I can feel all the memories of yesteryears caressing and pampering me without that perpetual chaos. The Satan is sleeping tonight and the garden is almost blooming with flowers. The cacophony of life is absent and the watchman isn’t asleep tonight. Tonight the stars are shining bright.

The sky is full of some shining stars. They are giggling and whispering to each other in delight. The darkness is gone for a while. The emptiness is no more reverberating all around. The castle of hope is again visible in my lonely kingdom. The era of pain is fading away and sunshine is peeping inside my door. Memories revisiting me, I am feeling a genuine pleasure inside my soul. My caged heart has broken all its shackles and finally flying with freedom. Tonight the breeze is friendly, tonight I am not lonely.

I am recovering from the pangs of narcissism. I am becoming humane from an invalid mannequin.  The white dust is cleared and there are no more restless smokes flying in my silent corner. The boredom is turning into an evening delight. The monotony of life is creating a unique music of desire. Long rides, guitar and those memories of yesteryears are inspiring me to scribble those unheard songs of my yore.

Tonight, I am not lonely, tonight I am not sulking, and tonight I am just flying and smiling. The glass of hemlock isn’t there but still I could hear the nightingales loud and clear. Tonight I have escaped from the harsh realities of life; tonight I have acquired a state of utter bliss…

Here’s my entry for Blogadda’s Friendship Day Contest sponsored by Pringoo.com 


  1. *sigh*......memories......they are like Friction, necessary evil. They'll make you wanting more of those 'golden days', you might hate em or love 'em. You can survive a lifetime on your sweetest memories, without any threat of diabetes!

  2. I loved the post!!! The positivity is almost like a pleasant cool breeze in the scorching heat.
    No more dying flowers and scattered leaves... its shining stars and blooming flowers for my friend.... and i m loving it :)

    Kp Up!!!

  3. Thanks for supporting my feelings :)

    It feels like the cool morning breeze :)

    Thanks Addy and Richa :)

  4. I totally envy ur writing skills:-)wow!!


  5. Beautiful Post Pallav...your prose is so musical...

    Memories...they come as a whiff of fresh air to rejuvenate us..

  6. Thanks Lazy Pineapple for beautifying my post with your lovely comment :)

  7. nandita prakash7:14 AM

    Hey are you in love? cause if you are not, then probably you will fall in love really soon.let the time unfold a beautiful gift for you.Gift of life.A gift for a lifetime

  8. Yes, I am in love with...

    the beauty called life :)

  9. Lovely post..its a feeling I'm familiar with :)

  10. Thank you so much Journomuse for loving my post :))

  11. Good to hear a 'bout a different kind of feeling:)

  12. memories is what keeps us alive i guess its the memories which make us go back to the old day or the WANT to go back

    meet the same paople do the same things

    and JON BON JOVI:) first time read someone liked him I loved him :)

    a good take

    happy friendship day always

  13. Thanks Bikramjit.

    A very happy friendship day to you too :)