Is Addiction To Any Nature Devastating?

Sometimes I get addicted to music, sometimes the wild desire entices my soul, sometimes I get addicted to pain and sometimes the itch to scribble delights me. There are people who loves photography, there are people who loves art, there are people who loves poetry and there people who loves life at large but in between there is a big void that keeps lurking like an enemy.

The wings of desire falls apart, the silence of midnight curses the dark. Thoughts become stale and all the cacophonies dance endlessly. The chaos within bites you, the restlessness create a storm inside you. Your face no more exude that charm, your words no more sounds bright. Numbness occupies the walls of your heart.

What happens when your passion is regarded as addiction? What happens when your thoughts are just dumped and forgotten? What happens when the cruel world gives you a reality check? Confusions and clueless ness becomes your only friend but suddenly your world brightens up, your heart opens up, your lips move in harmony and you try to walk with it. All clich├ęs of life excites me. I try to capture them with open arms; I try to decipher the impossibilities…

I know people who love to be loved and praised and I am not an exception. I know people who finds solace in a flawless conversation, I know people who only knows lust, I know people who are addicted to success. There are various types of addiction in this world and everyone gets addicted to something or the other. There is nothing wrong in it because we live only one life. The fear of getting rejected always pulls us back, the enemy within us creates threat but we still love to sail. Following your heart always may not be a good idea but I would love to fall again and again…

Is addiction to any nature devastating? I don’t think so…

What's your story?


  1. It may be the best of things but addiction can sometimes bring out the best in people, it can bring out the zeal to achieve, the determination to succeed and perhaps even a vision to foresee risks and plan for contingencies!

  2. So far as this is concerned, I do not think it to be addiction, but a very deep sense of passion, which must be furthered!

    God ahead, indulge yourself and let the best come out!

  3. Very deep sense of passion...liked it!

    Thanks Rakesh :)

  4. A very nicely written post... was quite poetic most of the way... really enjoyed reading it...


  5. Thanks Tavish for liking my write up :)