Fake Smiles, Mechanical Hearts and a Candle in the Wind

There is a haunting lullaby in the air, there is unevenness all around, and there are those fake smiles of  living mannequins lurking in the dark. The vodka bottle looks bigger; the smokes make me quiver as the insanity is taken over. The butterflies in the closet are flying without synchronization and then there are some open desires of a melancholic soul. There is no sadness, there is no happiness either. Life is playing a unique ballet of desire…

The street lamps are staring ruthlessly at me, the inevitable boredom is cursing my existence. The ugliness is increasing outside and within and I am moving like a broken dream. Life isn’t bad, life isn’t so dark either but I am missing the fragrance of my yesteryears. Struggling to scribble - the ink is spreading over. My words are no more flawless, my thoughts are getting suffocated.

My fake smile is turning plastic and my heart is no more throbbing for that divine bliss. The candle in the wind is waning again; the benevolent soloist is missing.  I am inhaling drops of pain and seeing no dreams these days. The dryness in my balcony tortures me. The staircase looks so very ugly. I am walking just like the mechanical man. 

The posters of dead poets and singers are still hanging lifelessly and I am gazing at them with a divine admiration.  My thoughts are stale but my feelings are still the same. I am struggling, falling and rising again. The waves aren’t always with me but the lighthouse constantly motivates me. I am no more waiting for the sunshine, I am no more waiting for that comforting moonlight but I do crave for some real smiles to brighten the muted corner of my heart…


  1. whr do u get those words ??? got my head spinning....authentic man....nice!

  2. Thanks just_a_pen_in_my_hand :)

  3. Wow! U sure have a way with words!

    I cannot say enough in appreciation!

  4. Quite a good choice of words there!!
    I suppose as humans, we all go through emotional tempests.
    But storms never reign long, and once the dust settles, you can see more clearly so as to where you stand in the grand scheme of things!!! :)

  5. It is a lovely word picture and so melancholy! enjoyed the read.

  6. Anonymous4:15 AM

    sometimes one has to go with fake smiles... as he always want there srounding to be always happy.