A Quirky Urban Muse

The lift man is absent. The staircase is empty. Everyone is sleeping or watching T.V in their rooms. There are noises of pain and lust all around. There are laughter and giggling. The garage is houseful. All cars are resting in delight.

The man is wandering and trying to feel the unusual Sunday. He was looking little confused and dazed. The roads were empty. The trees were swaying with the breeze. The birds were chirping with a divine glory. He has nothing to do, he is a stranger to this place, and he is completely clueless about the urban habits.

Nights are long and days are short here – someone said to him. Everybody slogs like dogs and sleeps like vampires on Sundays. An urban life is so full of struggle, there is nothing like an urban boredom. You have everything but still you feel unhappy and lonely at the end of the day. You feel like a mechanical heart in an urban setting, you just can’t feel anything from within. The man was confused. He couldn’t understand why that boy is brushing his teeth in the afternoon. He can’t understand why everyone is so happy and relaxed.

An urban life isn’t so easy my friend – someone tells the man. You have to know the mechanics to survive here. You’ve to be practical and bright to live in a congested city life. An urban man looks like a machine; he wears bluetooth devices in his ears and can’t live without his sunglasses. He walks in style and smiles with grace but feels nothing from inside. There is a void all around. The apartments look beautiful from outside but there are so many complications inside. Everything is different here my friend – someone tells the man.

The man is no more confused now. He got his lessons. He is moving ahead with his blue shirt and black cap. He is looking like a new age Don Juan. He is definitely shining in his urban avatar. He is our newly appointed Pizza delivery man...


  1. Simple and short - Urban life is disgusting, to put it mildly that is!

  2. u've got talent man!! i visualized every sentence!!

    Today when i went out in the scorching afternoon...these were my thoughts n to read them jotted so beautifully by you was a pleasure!!

    Kp up!!

  3. urban life is not soo disgusting...

  4. Precious interpretations from special people always rejuvenate an urban soul. Urban life juggles between a somewhat undeniable pragmatism, decent temptations, mundane thoughts but we can't ignore its beauty. Sometimes the bricks and mortar can create an exclusive art. Sometimes loneliness and boredom can be a blessing in disguise.

    Thanks Rakesh, Richa and Schizophrenic for reading and appreciating my post.

  5. that was so GRAPHIC!LOVED it :)

  6. It was very graphical. :)

  7. Thanks to you Pallav, for a few days I will not miss Bangalore. I almost felt content in Byndoor today. Perception makes the world around us comfortable ..... You have good writing skills

  8. Thanks Nethra and Farida for liking and promoting my post :)

  9. Hi Pallav,
    Interesting observation... just one suggestion to watch the tense, though...

    Keep blogging... :)

    Thanks for reading my blog as well.

  10. Thanks Swapnali for your suggestion:)

  11. no matter how much grit or crib... its for the urban life that we still toiling in the urban land... either take it or leave it situation...
    brillaintly penned...

  12. Thanks Rajlakshmi :)

  13. u are a good writer becoz I was depressed by the time I reached the end of the post!!I love the urban life - the noise, the vibrancy and the consumerism!!!at the end of the day if you love what you do, everything is worth it..


  14. Very well written!!! Exactly what I feel at times locked up in an Urban apartment...but when its weekend things turn around...Sunday (the week begins here..)bac to square one:(

  15. Pallav, very good post! Enjoyed every line...

  16. You do write very well Pallav ..very picturesque and mellifluous. Keep writing ....excellent

  17. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Hi Pallav!
    love your posts...

    keen observation, unbiased views and sincere approach!

  18. Anonymous12:47 PM

    would like to know a lil more about u.
    Are you a full time writer(how come?)
    Student(how do u manage man?)
    working(tuff job)

    i am hoping for a reply...wud like to know about you.

  19. Working :(

    Thanks for your comments :)