Month of March

The winter is slowly fading away. The changing weather is influencing people to think in a brand new way. The cold feelings are getting warmer and the ray of light is coming closer and closer. Month of March have intruded into our lives smoothly and we aren’t complaining. The summer is welcoming but too much of it can be unbearable especially in a city like Delhi. Yet, we love the transition. We love the changed look of our backyard. We love to see our skin getting little tanned, we love everything that’s coming to us.

The arrival of the month of March brings newer hopes, newer breeze and newer dreams. The wind is comforting yet unpredictable. I can see people walking in the streets from my balcony; I can see some girls flaunting their summer T-shirts with ease, I can see colorful balloons, I can see ice cream stalls and I can see you smiling. There is a feeling of bliss all around. The hazy spring-summer mornings are different. They are soothing like a cup of coffee, they are flawless.

There are so many things that you would love to do this summer. It’s amazing to take long rides with friends at the odd hours of night. You can go for movies with your shades on, you can wear colorful clothes with flamboyance, you can write without a reason. The beauty of summer can be extremely enticing. There is so much energy all around yet you feel like lazing around with your thoughts. Month of March brings warmth and a feeling of joy to every lonely heart. It caresses them with its soothing breeze; it motivates them to wake up from their long winter sleep. I can see people walking in the streets, I can see colorful balloons, I can see ice cream stalls and I can someone smiling without a reason…


  1. A relief that winter has gone! Cannot endure the freeze! Prefer to be toasted up rather ;)

  2. though the summer in Delhi is scorching but still i loved it there......In Bengaluru, it's the same season all round the year...which i find pretty boring.....

    playing cricket in that heat of more than 40 degree's .......aaahhh..good old days.....though wish if can get that now too......



  3. @Rakesh...I do agree with you. Winters can be extremely freezing at times - both mind and heart ;)

    @Hitesh...I know. Delhi's summer is quit a summer I guess. Sweat and thrills would continue to amaze us :)

    P.S: Bangalore is known for its AC effect. Is it?

  4. I want winter back... its horriblly hot out here...
    lovely descriptions :)

  5. Hey Pallav,
    Have you been hired by summer as a PR agent? Hehehe...

    Anyway, jokes apart, you make the summer look so beautiful and charming..!!

    Hats off, buddy!

  6. Winter down south is great...summer is hot and getting hotter...nothing I look forward to...least of all the fat electricity bill

  7. I am still waiting for warmth :)
    It still freezing in my part of the world but yes I am excited about summer. Loved your description...

  8. @Parth... Actually I am hired by life to promote everything that comes my way. Nice interpretations as always. Thanks Parth :-)

    @Nalini...I appreciate your muse but we have no option left. We have to praise the change for feeling better though :-)

    @Lazy Pineapple...Summers give us hope as our wings basically grow during this period. We need little bit of warmth for soothing our freezing hearts :-)

    @Rajlakshmi...I know summers can be suffocating especially in south and north but they could look somewhat better if we take them in the right spirit ;)

  9. How I just wrote a piece on the weather, and scheduled it for posting in a couple of days :)) Obviously it's a very prominent subject; the change of seasons is, as you say, both welcome and feared!