Midnight Poem

Gazing, breathing and inhaling thoughts
Half asleep, half awake, half alive
Gazing, feeling and remembering
Half heart, half pain, half everything
Half light, half darkness and half me
Gazing at that half filled bottle…

No thunder, no rain, no cloud
No stars, no white lilies in my living room.
Typing, thinking and typing again
The cursor is blinking
The blank paper is getting filled with characters
The song is half finished
And I am gazing, breathing and inhaling words.

There is some kind of divine feeling
There is some kind of unknown sensation
The night is approaching towards my nest
The night has reached my bed.
The night is sinking in my thoughts.
Half asleep, half awake, half alive
I am no more gazing
I am just scribbling, scribbling and scribbling on…


  1. hey Pallav, this was well written..

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Oh My!!! that was a really beautiful poem dear...
    i wonder you manage to weave your words so poetically... i should be taking lessons from you...

  3. The trance that precedes a creation...well described!

  4. Aha... Beautiful beautiful, Pallav!

    I feel like reading this poem again and again, again and again.. It's kind of charming!

  5. We all scribble and scribble and scribble, don't we?
    Nice poem. :)

  6. Thanks Meg, Nalini, Parth and Nethra for reading and appreciating my thoughts. It feels heaven to see such wonderful comments.

  7. A divine poetry I must say!

  8. Thanks Rakesh and Zave :)

  9. Really..it is nice one.

  10. Anonymous10:28 PM

    awesum composition man....keep up d gud work......

  11. This poem quite had the effect that marijuana or Pink Floyd has.
    Awesome poem, mate.

  12. Hmm... quite offbeat and interesting.. interestingly presented. Well done!

  13. i dont know why...this poem hit me in a very subtle way....for a moment i felt a silence...the profound suffocation....kudos for this truly wonderful poem....

  14. Very well written. Touches deep within. Guess thats what a good poet is all about. Keep up the good work. Cheers!