Last Night


Silent whispers, soft music, dark smokes and some girl talk.

“Look I am not coming to meet you tonight”, Neena texted Rahul.
“Look I am not coming to meet you tonight either”,Kaveri texted Rahul.
“Look I am coming tonight”, was Rahul‘s message on Darshana’s answering machine.

The room was quite small for Neena and Kaveri, but they enjoyed being together. The two girls were friends and they both hated Rahul. They hated him because he was such a womanizer. It was around 11 pm and as usual both the girls were in their bed discussing their day.

“I am so bored with all these phone calls and messages”, said Kaveri.
“Why Rahul is so obsessed about us”, said Neena.
“Do you know Rahul also meets Darshana?”– Neena said with a slight grin.
“They must be having a great time together”, Kaveri answered with a little jealousy.

Neena’s eyes were red as if she was doped. She was in complete hysteria. The watchman wasn’t present that night. So they decided to go outside.

Both of them went for a long walk in the nearby park. They were wearing t-shirts and pants and were looking terribly voluptuous. Their curves were getting visible in the dark and their outlines were somewhat creating mayhem…

The gate was locked but they knew how to get the keys to the secret place where they just loved to wander.
They were on a prowl. Their eyes were so red that night. The neighbourhood park was empty and the night was getting darker. There was silence all around.

“Do you know why Rahul loves Darshana?” Kaveri asked …
“I don’t have any idea but she told me she meant to see him tonight”, Neena said.
“Hey, let’s not talk about him.”
“You can talk… YOU started it!” Neena said
“ Let’s ignore him and enjoy our walk.”

Kaveri was fair, dark eyed and thoughtful and Neena was dark, pretty and short. Their lives were shattered when they met Rahul. They both were victims of his whims and fancies and finally they decided to do something that would change everyone’s life.

There was silence all around and suddenly they began to follow a shadow. The shadow took them to a lonely place…

Rahul got a message on his cell that quoted “Rahul you’re so foolish”.

It was such a silly message from Neena that he deleted right away. He went outside to meet Darshana whom he romantically named his Scarlet Spectre.

She was looking beautiful that night; she was wearing a red sari. Her belly was flat and her chest was high. Her neck was dry and her lips were wet. He tried to touch her and she surrendered herself to him that night. Suddenly, there was a loud yell, blood all around.

“Rahul is dead ”, said Kaveri.
“Let’s celebrate then ”, said Neena with a slight grin in her face.

Silent whispers, soft music, and some white smokes.

Nobody ever knew what happened that night and the secret was buried with Rahul’s body as he was made to talk no more by some Scarlet Spectre...


  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    deliriously dark...
    i wonder how he died... was it his scarlet spectre that brought his own death..??
    or were the trio in this together..??
    dude im curious..???

  2. Love the story, love the picture!

  3. Anonymous1:13 AM

    WOW- dramatic!!! They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And here you have two women.. BTW who killed him? Neena or Kaver?