Insane World, Insane People and Insane Love

The long silence of night is mutely fading away from the horizon. The era of darkness is gone but the insanity lingers like a broken wing. The wind of hope is approaching towards their nest, the melancholy no more torture their tired souls.

The love is growing, the insanity is rising and everything is changing in their worlds. They are getting back lost dreams, they are meeting mirth, they are caressing and being caressed by the insane world. The tale of their mundane life is flying with open arms. They are slowly feeling the soothing tide, they are no more worried, they are no more crying in dark. The pain is gone, the bond has grown, the white lilies and the maples appeared again.

Once upon a time they were parted and they never thought that they would unite again. They were far away from each other. The communication dropped, the heartbeats became low but the dream for a reunion always kept them alive. They cried in frustration, they became austere, they became stones. The light of dawn never motivated them, the festivals of colours and lights never delighted them. They walked with a heavy hearts and artificial smiles. They were so very apart.

The long silence of night mutely faded from their horizon when they met. They smiled and hugged each other. They were lost in each other. The soothing breeze followed them. Raindrops and the smell of the mother earth pampered them. The walk isn’t over. They are destined to meet. The break was just momentary but the union is so eternal. Two bodies, two souls, some moonlight and some hope.

There was lust when the creator met his delight. There was happiness when the poetess made love with her imagination. There was insanity when the artist created his masterpiece. There was bliss when the writer met his prose…


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    loved it...! a tad abstract-ish but i liked it a lot... especially the closing lines... perfect ending...

  2. Wow! The words flowed like a song...
    I liked the last paragraph.

  3. Thanks Meg and Nethra :)

  4. Amazing!!!! You have talent Pallav. You have chosen a beautiful way to convey your message..

  5. Anonymous8:15 AM


  6. A beautiful way to describe an artist and his muse.

    Wonderfully written and apt for the blogosphere as well.

  7. good one....just scurries past the realm of have it in you.

  8. Thanks for your appreciation Rajnish :)