A Drop of Mist…

The tranquility of a sunlit morn
The silence of a mysterious night
The soothing glimpses of beauty
And a drop of mist…

Those walks in the rain
Those walks of pain
Those thoughts of glee
And a drop of mist…

Momentary happiness, motionless ache
Some friends, some smiles
Vaporised relations
And a drop of mist…

Solitary song, vacant room
No thoughts of glee
No music of hope
No surrealism, no realism
No emotions, no pain

The gloominess is increasing
The void is building
The sky is darkening
The cuckoos no more cuckooing…

Dry raindrops falling in my soggy heart
It’s no more looking bright
The cacophony is disturbing me
The void is killing me
The cuckoos no more excites me

But there is gleam in my pain
There is a divine calmness all around
The solitary poet is writing verses
He is feeling the loneliness
He is happy in his unhappiness

The tranquility of a sunlit morn
The silence of a mysterious night
The soothing glimpses of beauty
And a drop of mist falling again…


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    aawwww.... it started out so well... so chirpy and fun and soo mushy n romantic..
    and then.. u added the touch of melancholy and pathos to it :(
    my heart bled to see those lines..

    are u feelin lonely my frn...
    dont be.. life is too short to dwell in loneliness..
    get out and drench urself in the colours of summer.. :D

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  3. Gosh! Drops of life - so much like mine!

    I'm lost for words!

  4. A drop of mist chisels the beauty called life... :)

    Thoughts are momentary but words stay forever

    Thanks Meg and Rakesh :)

  5. Seems to be thoughts of a loner, and one who is trying to find happiness in that loneliness.
    Nice build up, great end, and what a title, "a drop of mist..."!
    Loved it.

  6. everyone's talking about the weather :)

  7. unhappiness created this poem...I wonder what happiness will!

    The greatest poets were all sad and unhappy...but that's no reason to give in to the mood...catch some sunshine and smile!

  8. This pretty much summarizes the kind of winter we are experiencing in Philadelphia.

  9. You are most of the times sad, at least that is what your posts portray. You just choose sad topics or you are really sad when you write?

  10. Thank you everyone. I am feeling better now :)

  11. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Someone wrote "hapiness has no story" ... wish a writer could prove otherwise on day.


  12. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Someone wrote "happiness has no story' ... will a writer prove otherwise one day ?

    Mahtab (a good keyboard might be helpful)

  13. मैने दिल से कहा ढूंढ लाना खुशी

    ना समझ लाया गम तो ये गम ही सही ...