The Death of Poetry

Every morn, every noon, every night
He thinks about poetry
Every second, every moment
He inhales poetry…
Life without a verse seems insignificant
Life without a thought seems inadequate
The scribbling of his heart is losing its sheen
The fading bliss in his poems is torturing him…

The shallow life made him a moron
The morn no more reflects freedom
The night no more embodies relaxation.
The scribbling of his fragile heart is of no value.

Words dissolving into drops of weeping rain
His thoughts are becoming invalid.
He is unable to create anything fresh
He is struggling to write, he is becoming restless.

Far from the crowd, his words are away for a while
He is alone in his empty world.
He is no more weaving tales of hope.
He is no more telling stories of grief.
No metaphors and similes flying around him
He is struggling to find an apt word.

The art is diminishing slowly
The fire within him is dying
The pen is broken, no blank papers left
His poems are whining for words
His verses no more exudes glow.
He is witnessing the death of poetry
The poet is falling from his throne of hope
His words are gone
He is alone in his empty world.
Weeping, scribbling and thinking without a soul…


  1. Nowadays u writing too many sad poems...u broke up with your gal, huh?

  2. By the way, it was a nice poem. :)

  3. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Hmm. A sense of a pain expressed in a good way :)

    Beautifully written. Will visit more often.

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  5. poetry is dead..a good title i must say...

    the last line was the punch in the whole piece...


    keep penning poet...


  6. You have excellent poetry :D

  7. Lovely as ever. Your poems have a peculiar charm. This ones simply brilliant. Keep writing!