A Cold-Hearted Indian Summer

I am getting baked
I am tanned
I am poked
I am squeezed
I am feeling the heat.

I can see ice cream stalls
I can see colorful balloons
I can see the summer
Trying to invade leisurely
I am no more caressed
I am no more soothed
I am no more under cover…

The baked Indian Summer
Is creating cacophony
As the sun shining voraciously…

My eyes are wet
Surrounded by summer sweat
Powder and colognes
Pampers my roasted skin
The cottons and my shades
Save me from those active rays.

I am waiting for the benevolent winter
I am waiting for a pleasing flavor.
I hate the waves, I hate the silent storm
I abhor summer from the core of my soul.

The morn no more looks fine…
The Indian summer exude pain
The hot air bites my body
The sunscreen lotions
No more prevents those spikes of disharmony.
There is a wait for that tranquil Himalayan breeze
There is always a silent prayer for the rains.

I am getting baked
I am tanned
I am poked
I am squeezed
I am no more feeling the comforting waft.
I am bounded by dragons
As I am struggling to capture
The whims and fancies of a callous Indian summer…


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    aaahhh...loved this...
    and sooo true..
    i hate this indian summer too..
    i prefer the rains though..
    which im not sure how much Delhi gets..
    but mumbai enjoys a lovely 3-4 months of rainy bliss :D

  2. Oh,how quickly the pleasant winter passes,as though it were an unwanted guest!Sigh.Loved the poem,the free play of thoughts and words :)

  3. Thanks Megzone and Sweta for some raindrops :)

  4. I just entered my office after walking in the sweltering heat and here comes this post!
    "I am getting baked" is the word this summer.
    I m going off to hills n waters this weekend... will bring u some back:)

  5. You wrote what I am going through at the moment only you left out the load shedding which makes it worse...
    I like your posts Pallav. You have unique way of writing posts.

  6. Nice poem..liked the last four lines especially...whims n fancies, indeed of a callous summer..nice!


  7. Thanks Farida and Pravin :)

  8. Hey Pallav... this was just too good yaar!

    I could completely relate to this poem, thanks to the sweltering mercury in Mumbai...!!

  9. That's why we are called roasted Indians :(

  10. Baked Dreams, Baked thoughts....Wonder why we Indians never got good at baking...:)

  11. Interesting question Journomuse :)

  12. But summer means blooming gulmohars,
    More mango shakes and ice creams
    Crowded markets in the evenings
    longer days,
    long mornings and noisy birds
    Long lazy afternoons and
    Long siestas...

    I like summers :)