A Blissful Sunday Morn...

Sitting, thinking and loving the air around me
Sipping, inhaling and enjoying those cups of coffee.
I am resting, feeling and evaporating in desire
The blissful Sunday morn
Is transforming my existence
The divine harmony around me
Is making me a leisurely soul…

I have forgotten my pain
I have diluted myself in pleasure
I am just feeling the blessed sunshine
The blissful Sunday morn
Is transforming my thoughts for a while…

The laziness is captivating my essence
The boredom is gone
The boundaries of liberty is fading
The eccentricity is slowly disappearing.
The blissful Sunday morn
Is creating melodies of freedom…
Sitting, inhaling and feeling the eternal joy
I am smiling, scribbling and capturing
The beauty of this heavenly morn…


  1. Nice poem Pallav! Lazy sunday mornings are so nice n meditative :)

  2. even though it isnt sunday anymore..(:( ) reading ur poem i m feeling it is...lol good work

  3. Thanks Schizophrenic :))))

  4. Have a nice day lazing around...a luxury these days!

  5. Hey that was good. :)

  6. lighthearted poem :)