Beautiful Joker

Psychedelic looks, sharp expressions and deep dark anguish
His frozen heart exudes lust, turmoil and shadows of a ghost town.
The joker is on the prowl
He is grinning, he is watching, he is humming the song of darkness
The joker is flaunting his powers tonight.   

Before the dawn, after midnight, during the wee hours of night
He is deciphering the silence, he is awake tonight.
The devils are scared,
The creatures of night flew away out of fright.
The joker is flaunting his powers tonight.

The night is deep like a solitary weep
The vampires and lycans are all asleep.
The witches no more flying above the deep blue sky
Only the joker is left to create a moronic atmosphere.

He is laughing, smiling and creating mayhem
His cold heart no more throbs for humanity.
He is the king of shadows, he epitomises destruction.
He is ugly, he is colourless, and he is shrewd.

The joker is on the prowl
The joker has left the town…
He is away for good; he is no more creating mayhem.
The stillness of solitude has vanished with him
The shadows of darkness no more exist.
The joker is on the prowl to find solace.

The morn has descended, the bats are asleep
The cuckoos cuckooing,
The joker is away for good.

He is no more troubling us
He is no more prowling in the dark.
He is just getting beautiful with time

The ugliness is vanishing
The make up is gone…
The rise of a beautiful joker signifies the end of darkness
The vanished ugliness deciphers the soul of light.



  1. Now *that* was good :))

  2. that really is a cool write... dark and unique... well written...

  3. Thanks Braja and Rajlakshmi :)