5 Things You Must Know To Survive in Delhi – An Outsider’s Perspective!

Delhi is colorful, vibrant and a city of joy. Delhi hardly sleeps. The capital of India is definitely the best place to live. Yet, there are some unseen and unheard facts about this place. People from various regions come here to flaunt their dreams. Some blends with its idiosyncrasies while some fails to decipher its unpredictability.

5 Things You Must Know To Survive in Delhi

People: Everyone in Delhi is running for something. Life is very fast here. Sleeping won’t help you much. Everyone is so very professional here. You aren’t anything if you don’t know much about the mechanics of life. You’ve to be shrewd to live here. Your bigheartedness mayn’t be taken in the right spirit. You should know the art of speaking and convincing people. Here everything depends upon your speaking skills. A loner has to struggle a bit to survive in this city. Yet, there are souls who will try to help you without a reason. Those are your friends. Being polite doesn’t help you much. In order to survive in Delhi, you’ve to think like Delhi.

Jobs: Undoubtedly there are enough opportunities here. Job life can be fun however you should again know the tricks to say whatever is right. A babbler may be rejected right way.  Almost 80 percent outsiders do well here. So, if you are looking for jobs, come to Delhi. You are definitely going to get one if you’ve the passion to make it big someday.

Delhi Girls: Almost every girl staying here gradually becomes beautiful because of its good air and water. Yet, you should always think twice before mingling with them. Some of them can be extremely generous while most of them will try to peek into your pockets. I am not generalizing anything here but most women in Delhi are extremely philanthropic. You are going to love them.

Nightlife: Delhi’s nightlife is pulsating and gorgeous. There are pubs, discs and various lounging areas where you can vent out your emotions. You’ll get everything here. Yet, you should choose the right place to hangout. South Delhi is definitely the safest area to indulge and party hard whole night.

Dark Secrets:
Life in Delhi may not be only colorful and happy. There are darker corners too. There are people who will try to squeeze out everything from you that include money, emotions and your ethics. Beware of brokers. Being friendly to an extent is advisable. You should never let them infringe your privacy. You should know the art of bargaining with Taxi Drivers. They are always on a prowl to make outsiders their victims. They are clever guys. Life in Delhi isn’t simple. Yet, you can never ignore its beauty at large. If you want to see and feel India, Come to Delhi. You are definitely going to take back some exhilarating memories.


  1. Oh, having lived there 3+ years, I seem to know quite a bit of this place - some of which you have rightly said!

  2. lived there for 7 years...loved it
    hated the eve-teasing though...a very rough city for girls

  3. egg-zack-tlee........

    being polite will never help in Delhi....i'm in Bangalore rite now...and people here are very polite...i mean too much of it.....they thank for everything and say sorry for things they didn't even do....man this really pisses me off many a times.....

    i know i'm too much of a Delhite to live in Bangalore......

    and man ...don't remind me of Delhi Gals....they can be real bad ass....and kick the guys butt easily.......
    here girls are too too way too girly.......

    most important....thing....these people don't even know how to abuse others.....but i'm training a couple of my co workers.....will make them an expert of it...before i leave this place.....


  4. I was never in delhi and i don't think i will ever live there. Anyway thats very helpful.

  5. I grew up in Delhi and although I love the city, the food, the shopping, the vibrancy - I will never ever live there again!! Its so unsafe for girls and what really pisses me off is that no one helps if you are being eve-teased..


  6. Very true Sonali. Delhi isn't very safe for women :)

  7. Interesting tidbits about Delhi!

  8. Thanks Rakesh, Nalini, Hitesh and Nethra for sharing your viewpoints.

  9. Delhi aint safe for women at all,love pune for that reason :) people are good and courteous unlike delhi:( and tru that you need to be a wordsmith to enjoy delhi....

  10. Delhi aint safe for women at all,love pune for that reason :) people are good and courteous unlike delhi:( and tru that you need to be a wordsmith to enjoy delhi....

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    Great writing! You should definitely follow up to this topic!

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    I am wondering exactly what Quentin will change with that :P