You Are Such a Good Friend of Mine

Teenage love stories, chocolates, flowers, long drives in your dad’s old gypsy, larger than life cards, love songs and a feeling of yore. You are such a good friend of mine is a common phrase mostly used my girls. The innocence of a teenage romance is obviously the best thing in the world but how far these relationships survive in the long run where everything changes and transforms. The so-called geek in your school becomes the real heartthrob, the hottest girl in your college becomes fat, and the most intelligent guy next door becomes an unrecognised thinker. Time changes, everything changes and you keep wondering and sailing sometimes smiling. You can never predict anything in a world where everything is so momentary.

There is so much money, lust and so less love. Everything looks superficial. You are such a good friend of mine is mostly used when someone needs something very badly now. You are not my friend later. Hah! That’s reality. There is moment when your phone doesn’t stop ringing and there is a moment of complete silence. You never knew when you have turned into a use me box.

There is an unanswered question in every teenager’s mind. There is passion and there is drive to make it big someday. They love like an animal. As I have said earlier – There is no room for mundane. They want instant gratification, instant coffee and  instant love. You can’t ignore their existence now as they can create storm with just one tweet. Everything is so viral.

Actually there is nothing wrong in making useful friends. Some boys use girls like clothes while some boys are used like a money minting machine. The process of use and throw is increasing. You are such a good friend if you can take her for long drives; you are such a good friend if you can pass that message to her boyfriend. Oh! God, guys hate listening these words. They mostly fall in love with their best friend. They are so very useless. Some boys are fun, some boys are little less fun and some boys are just use me boxes. The third category is rarely found though. So, be careful whenever a girl say that you are such a good friend. Yet, some girls do mean everything they say. In a world where everything is so materialistic, there are people who really care for you, who really care for your existence, who really mean what they say. Some people do leave a mark in your life. You Are Such a Good Friend of Mine looks real in their words…

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  1. but still some people are there who say you are good friend from their heart ... a materialistic view is not everyone sees...
    interesting pointers though...

  2. Thanks Rajlakshmi :)

  3. aaawwww....thats such a heartfelt and true to life post u made there...
    people have become materialistic.. irrespective of their genders..
    there are people who value friendship and yet there are those who use u as if u were a tissue paper..

    but then cant just blame the gals.. the mistake lies with both the sexes...
    anyways nice write up :)
    keep em coming dude :)

  4. Thank you so much meg :)

  5. Hi... Have you ever read the famous Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.. Does not fit right into our Indian society but it fits to some extent..
    Good blog and enjoyed reading it.

  6. Sometimes, guys don't believe when a girl says "You are such a good friend of mine" and also mean what she is saying. I guess its because number of girls who don't mean it are more in number.
    Nice post! :)

  7. Thanks Farida and Nethra...

    @Farida...Some men are from Earth too:)

  8. In a frenzied world as today's, relationships and associations are more for commercial gains!

    To find true companionship is a matter of privilege and a rare one at that!

  9. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Friendly words are free of charge ...

    (French visitor)

  10. Instant gratification has a short life and Instant coffee doesnt taste great.
    So when i say "you are such a good friend of mine" I mean you are freshly brewed n beaten cappuccino that will shake my soul from within!!

    Too much i wrote :P
    Great post!!
    Kp Up!!

  11. So when i say "you are such a good friend of mine" I mean you are freshly brewed n beaten cappuccino that will shake my soul from within!!

    ----Completely captivating words.

  12. But many a times feelings are mutual...when you say "you are such a good friend of mine".. both of you know how much you mean it! In this world of corruption and competition..people usually end up being 'scratch buddies'- you scratch my back, i'll scratch urs!!

  13. Well! this is how things work here...But the real friends don't just say it, they make you feel it...Nice post anyway:-)