Writing Is My First Love

The road is shaky, little hazy and full of darkness but there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The writer is walking alone in a path and he is not trembling but only moving forward. He is fighting with reality, he is escaping from the cruelties, he is no more running for materialism. He is trying to live without food and water; he is trying to survive with his writing.

Why are you wasting your time? Why are you staying in your illusions? Why are you so numb? I have no answers because I think I have fallen deeply in love with words. I can feel my inner voice through my writings. Fast paced life, dilapidated existence and a lonely soul with his unrecognised ideas is moving forward slowly.

There is no feeling of suffocation when he writes. There is bliss all round him when scribbles. His imaginations transport him to a world of his own. A writer feels pain, he feels lust, and he feels everything that’s humane. The society dumps him, friends ignore him and parents hardly call him. The road is shaky, little hazy and full of darkness but there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. There is a deep pain inside him, there is unknown craving for something that he don’t know.

His writings aren’t profound, his words aren’t best sellers, and his ideas about life are crazy. Sometimes he feels quitting everything and sometimes he is so very part of everything. His mind revolves around so many things. There are confusions all around him. Oh! Is it the beauty of writing or just foolish thoughts of a nonsense babbler? How to make everyone understand the beauty of feeling something and expressing them with words? How to make people understand and visualise the soul of a writer? How to make everything so real in a fairytale? There are questions, there are hardly any answers but the scribbler isn’t alone. There are like-mind people all around.

I hate to be philosophical; I hate to talk profound things because I think the beauty of life lies in its simplicity. I am not running from the big world where there are so many intellectual people, I am not trying to run from people who are better than me in every aspect- I am just trying to convey the magnificence of something that may be so out of the world for the outside world. Everything should be supported by facts but how many facts are real? Writing isn’t only a soul healing thing; it’s something much more higher than that. Why are you writing when you don’t have anything to deliver? Why are you scribbling your useless thoughts? Why are you creating a world of imagination all around? Sometimes an author is misunderstood because he scribbles down everything that is yet to be revealed in the society. Sometimes he falls under a trap of people who hardly understands the purpose of writing. Writing is my first love because there is nothing better than a freedom of expression. Writing is my first love because I can do everything with my thoughts. Sometimes they become so dark and sometimes they are so very active. The road is shaky, little hazy and full of darkness but there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel that keeps a writer alive.


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

    I guess this article answers your previous post ... and I see no more to add.


  2. Yes...Everything is answered here :)


    Great one, Pallav.. Being a writer, I can easily relate to this post!

    You said it right, there are many obstacles, people tend to ignore you, but a writer is in his own world, creating creativity with a pen and paper....

  4. I love writing. When I write I get lost in the world of imagination and trust me that world is so enjoyable. Sometimes, when I get appreciated for my work, I rejoice and when I don't, I feel bad. I guess I should stop appreciations affect my love towards writing, what say?
    I loved your post. :)

  5. Anonymous7:49 AM

    awards for you dear...

  6. Appreciations always act as an energy booster for a writer. Yet, writing is like a piece of art, the more beautiful it is - the more appreciation it is fated to get. Thanks Nethra for loving my post :)

  7. Thanks meg for your beautiful award :)

  8. Its not necessary that a good piece of artwork will get appreciated every time. I would like to give an example. The very famous example would be Bollywood actresses. Aishwarya barely does any acting on screen, but she gets appreciated for most of her films. Producers still sign her for their movie just because she had won Miss world's crown. Rani does superb acting but she hardly gets any movies because she isn't any beauty queen. I don't know whether you will agree with me but that is what I feel.

  9. Anonymous8:17 AM

    And what about Keats who died thinking he was a failure ...

  10. The world is running after the saleability of a product. The beauty of real cinema is only attracting a particular class. In order to get appreciation you should have the power to attract the mass in a typical Bollywood term. Acting skills are highly appreciated in world cinema which is less seen in an Indian movie industry. For me actors like Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen are no less stars. They are equally talented like any other dazzling celebrity.

  11. Then who will appreciate hard work and art if its all about how good looking you are and how appealing you are. It doesn't happen only in cinemas but almost everywhere.
    Thank God it doesn't happen with Amir's movies.

  12. Wonderful post Pallav! Reflects your deep passion associated for this brilliant effort - writing!

    May you 'reach those dizzying heights' as Pink Floyd said ;)

  13. Every writer goes through a phase where he or she feels like a loser. Even John Keats felt that when he thought that his poetic skills were diminishing. He was extremely worried about his writer’s block. It wasn’t permanent though. John Keats’ poems are sheer beauty.

    P.S: Somebody rightly said that nobody wants to win a posthumous Booker Prize.

  14. writing is a passion.. its an art.. it comes naturally.. its believed that what you can express well in voice.. you can express in words :)
    and i strongly believe that... being a passionate writer myself... i have often felt that writing can be a stress-buster too... many times in the whirlwind of our daily routine mundane lives.. we are stressed out... and just pouring some thoughts on the paper/blog helps relieve the stress and also gives a sense of immense satisfaction of having created/written something...
    I'm glad you came out with this post... Loved it...

  15. just pouring some thoughts on the paper/blog helps relieve the stress and also gives a sense of immense satisfaction of having created/written something----The joy of creation is undoubtedly bewitching.

  16. we all write for ourselves... through our words we see a world which is our own... and real... and that why I write too... a post that could easily relate ith... well written...

  17. Thank you Rajlakshmi...I am smiling now:)

  18. think writing is oxygen to a blogger.....we feel being killed...if we can't blog...always thinking what to blog...will this be good....can i say that.....everytime the blogger mind is on.....same as of the writer here.......

    wish writers and bloggers had better fate on an average......hoping for the best

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