Valentine's Day Story - Lyrical Yet Deep!

Ouch! Heartbreaks…The story begins from here. Every new beginning starts from a hopeless end and every end signifies a new beginning. The ghost no more haunts us as we become sane with each passing day. This Valentine’s Day is all about you, me and the other. People are talking about love; they are buying flowers and chocolates and doing what not to impress their valentine. Poets are composing poems and singers humming their favourite song. There is a lot of movement going on. Oh! Love is in the air – they say.

Colleges, streets, restaurants, pubs, discotheques, food stalls and of course our neighbourhood parks are looking so lively now. Ouch! Heartbreaks…Yes there are lonely hearts too who is also feeling the heat. They are drinking and smoking more, they are still living in their reminiscences. They want to stay like that still someone else walks in. Oh! Every phase is so momentary. The passing phases, the deep chapters and those ugly times do create drama in your life. There is no room from mundane.

Who is your valentine this year? Sounds funny but the fact is that everybody is not lucky enough to celebrate this special day with the same person every year. Everything changes with time. Some people walk away from your life without a whisper and some people stay with you without a reason. There is so much love around. There is so much hate around too. But the fact is that nobody remains happy or unhappy throughout life. Some songs are hummable while some are not; some books are classics while some are not. Oh Pain- Is it still there? This Valentine’s Day is different because we are feeling. Let’s flaunt some more smiles, let’s embrace happiness, let’s forget the song of darkness, let’s not waste this lyrical Valentine’s Day…Let’s celebrate!


  1. oh dear...!! that was the most beautiful message i have come across..
    there are people who write poetry.. there are people who write prose..
    but you're one of those who manage to combine both in a concoction that leaves the reader bereft of words to express anything...
    anything at all...

  2. I'm reminded of George Micheal's last Christmas

    "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
    But the very next day, You gave it away
    This year, to save me from tears
    I'll give it to someone special..."

    Except that I haven't yet found that someone special ;)

  3. Anonymous12:56 AM

    "People are talking about love; they are buying flowers and chocolates (...)Poets are composing poems and singers humming their favourite song."
    Since you have so many writers-readers visiting your blog ... what about everyone posting a few lines for St Valentine's ?

    (French visitor)

  4. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Love has gone far far away
    and yet on me holds its sway
    I see it from a distance
    But remain blind to romance
    Love has gone far far away
    Leaving me side of the way
    Grasping what it used to be
    I cannot touch it merely
    Love has gone far far away
    And the skies have turned to grey
    This world has no more colours
    and tastes of bitter flavours
    Love has gone far far away
    And I'm left alone to stray

    (a French stray poet)

  5. Amazing expression of emotiions..
    Loved the way in which the post proceeds from heartbreaks to celebration of love...

    Great Going...


  6. I can see Xeenia's nice,
    I can see Meg's selfless smile,
    I can see Rakesh's evergreen thoughts,
    I can see Ashwin's beautiful interpretation,
    I can see Sundari's thoughtful gaze,
    I can see D_observer's insightful post.
    I can see French reader's beautiful poem and her exquisite curiosity.
    Actually I can see so much of love all around me. Thanks for reading and appreciating my post.


  7. I can see you happy and enjoying... ;)

    Great going... amazing post!