Tucked Away

Sunday mornings are always so rejuvenating. Smokes of freshness make you so charged up. You feel like dancing without a reason. You smile and finally see yourself. Oh! You praise your beauty, you pamper yourself and eventually you smile. Sunday mornings can be so refreshing.

Every weekend is different. Sometimes you feel all alone and the very next moment you are surrounded by friends. Sometimes you feel so low and the very next moment your loved ones make you so comfortable. There is nothing called monotony. There is so much action going around. The beauty of life lies in its simplicity. The more you try to run away – the more exciting it becomes. After all you are a part of this beautiful world. You are not alone my dear friend. There are souls around you who can caress you without a reason; there is freshness all around you.

The vivid colours of life are at its best when you feel it from inside. You are unique and your exclusivity is your strength. Sunday mornings are always so rejuvenating. Smokes of freshness make you so charged up.

No, you can’t hide away in a world where everything is so bright. No, you can’t escape from a planet which brings happiness along with pain. No, you can’t be lonely my dear friend. Whenever you feel sad and shed those unseen tears just remember that someone is crying too for you. It’s very easy to break a relationship but it’s extremely difficult to stay in a relation. Sunday morning gives you time to reconnect with people who make you smile in your sadness, it’s the time to show them some love. It’s time to smile.

Tucked away in a corner of his world, a boy in his 20s is smiling because he is feeling the fragrance, he can see a bright light motivating him, he can see you smiling but he can’t feel any discomfort as all his dull pain flew away with time…

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  1. Anonymous1:14 AM

    It’s a world of chaos displaying too much gloss
    Hearts are at a loss when they want to cross
    Looking at both sides of the street
    Making sure no one will they meet
    But a few soft words may pop up out of the blue
    Enlightening the horizon with some subtle dew
    It’s a world of full chaos
    Which poetry cannot toss
    But you can always offer a gentle smile
    And your words may drift to a deserted isle

    (thanks for your smiling words)

  2. There is so much beauty in your words
    It feels great to drink them with easiness
    There is so much pain
    Yet your smiling words make me hassle-free.
    In a world full of perplexity
    Your words feel like red wine with a strawberry

  3. Anonymous1:35 AM

    the strawberry will fit well on top of the cake :-)

    Enjoy your week-end , I'll spend mine in a cottage

  4. Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Weekends are very refreshing, for they are a necessary break from the painful monotonies of daily life!

    I do hope that your life is more of a warm and happy weekend! :)

  6. Gone are days of lazy sundays....... the curiosity of what my friends are up to on facebook wakes me up...

  7. World is becoming so technoholic - Geeks are god now :)