The Rise of a Geek – Facts about Geeks Unveiled

Geeks Are Sane was my previous article and now it’s the rise of a Geek. It feels great to write about them because they are rising and only rising without turning back. Earlier they were termed as loners, nerds, mad but now they are prayed and followed. They are becoming conspicuous like never before. From fashion to Hollywood, from politics to your living room – Geeks are everywhere. They are on a prowl to make this world a better place to live in. They are no more bullied by their friends for spending hell lot of time in social networking sites. They are making their presence felt in the fast changing world.

Facts about Geeks Unveiled

Earlier they had no girlfriends, earlier they were loners but now they are millionaires swimming in the vast ocean of money.  Geeks are no more termed as losers who waste time in useless things like playing games online. They are the king of the real as well as the virtual world. They are the future CEOs and vice presidents. They are the trendsetters. Oh! Even Geek fashion is making waves all around. The nerd look is no more disliked by girls. Every woman loves to hang around with a geek now because they find them sexy. That’s a reality.

The world is becoming geeky. Their obsession is becoming tomorrow’s invention. They are even respected by their parent now. Now you can’t live without technology and people behind them are no less a geek, a mad man or a neglected guy once. He is all smiling because he knows the world is listening to him at last.

Gone are days of manly boys with only brawn. It’s the era of geek. Nothing is so conventional now. They look snazzy, they look different but still they are surrounded by eves because they have all the power. Oh gosh! We are so lucky to be a part of the geek generation where everything looks so fine, so fast and so geeky!


  1. Man, I love myself for being a geek! :)

  2. Here comes the geek
    Here he comes with ease
    Slightly bohemian
    Slightly confused
    But his eyes speak
    He knows his stuff
    He is the king
    Here comes the geek

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    " Geeks are sane' ? I'd rather say 'Technology is sane'.

    I believe in 'technical progress' but I am not sure it is always synonym of 'human progress'. Indeed, when one becomes intoxicated with technology, he no longer controls it but technology takes control over him or her.

    We are in a world where communication is made so much easier thanks to the internet and yet aren't we living in a century where it has become really hard to "COMMUNICATE " meaning "TO SHARE WITH SOMEONE"?

    You present technology and technology-experts (I'd say 'tech-addicts', depending on how you look at it) as a way of getting a social status.
    Yet isn't there more to life than being fashionable, rich and powerful ? Of course I don't deny most people will feel happy and successful if they reach what you've described ...

    The big question is: What do we expect from life ?
    Being able to actually share one's feelings with another human being is probably the highest ambition you may have in life and often way out of our highest technical and emotional means.

    Geeks may be praised by some... as anyone in fashion or in power is ... yet won't technology be at its best when we'll understand how to not let it control our lives and values ?

    (No French Geek)

  4. True yet somewhat imaginative. I know too much facts spring materialism which I am not actually highlighting here. I am just praising those people who were misunderstood once but due to them we are so very connected today. We may love technology, we may hate it but we can't ignore technology. The war between humanities and science (Technology) will continue. There will be battles between thought and reality but we can’t reject them. Writers and techies may be poles apart but a geek may be a writer and a techie simultaneously. Geeks can be anyone who is obsessed with something which is yet to be recognised. He is a thinker and visionary. Geeks can be you, it can me too…Geeks not only represents technology now dear. The meaning is much deeper. They are basically people who live a life of passionate detachment yet so very connected with the world at large. I appreciate your views. They were my views too but don’t compare geeks with materialism. They are the most generous being on earth. I am not glorifying them. These are only my opinion. You may highlight yours.

  5. Anonymous10:16 AM

    TRUE, which makes my comment irrelevant and to-be-deleted in no time !
    Sorry for getting so "geeky" after misreading your article ;-)

  6. I appreciate interpretations:)

  7. Geeks are still the romantic underdogs in reality. But I'm working to change that. :)

  8. Once a geek always a geek!!...and the world loves geeks


  9. Oh yeah, I do agree on the "Geeks are still the romantic underdogs in reality" part!

  10. Oh Ye Godly Blogger, with tear bedimmed eyes, I thank you for writing this. *sentimental sob*

    An amazingly amazing post. :D I bow before you in adoration and reverence.

  11. @Olive Oyl...Thanks for being so generous. I am blessed to have you here.

    @Head Geek Chick...I am with you in your endeavor.

    @Shahid...Yes, the world loves geek and will continue to love them.

    @Rakesh...Romantic Underdogs...Yeah! Rightly said by Head Geek chick.

  12. you've been awarded...!!
    do share the love :)

  13. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Romantic underdogs in a material world
    Geeks make this cyber world twirl
    Once misjudged and criticized , somehow despised
    Their detractors have been more than nicely surprised
    Their rage was like a cloud in a sky so blue
    Their present endowment is like a dream come true
    Heroes of a world that lacks and needs invention
    They’ve become the zealous creators of passion

  14. you're welcome. *still tear bedimmed eyes, pearing through my glasses*

  15. @olive oyl...great to see you here :)