Nameless Subway - Midnight Tale

Flashy streetlights, hazy dreams and some coins – the story starts from nothing. No clubbing, no rides, no phone calls, no existence. His eyes were wide awake and he was walking.  The cold breeze was touching his cheeks, he can seen cars passing at light speed. He is just moving with a heavy heart. He can see some woman calling him from distance, he can see his old friends tweeting him in his cell phone, and he can see an old man smiling at him. Everything is getting hazier and hazier. Something was missing that night as he can’t see those familiar faces. Everyone was a stranger for him. Flashy streetlights, hazy dreams and some coins – He was walking fast, he was running. Suddenly his cell phone was flooded with messages; he was getting so many calls that night. What is happening? Why everything so eerie that night?

Suddenly he can see blood all around him but he couldn’t see the corpses. He can see a man in his 60s smiling at him and offering him some coins. Take these coins my dear – the old man said. He denied taking them but the man forcefully gave him. He said to keep them because he will need them. He couldn’t understand anything. What’s going wrong? I am not reaching my destination that night. He started running. His blood was freezing. He was unable to move too fast.

Flashy streetlights, hazy dreams and some coins – Oh! My god, why the hell I am not moving? I am still at the same place? He started feeling suffocated as if somebody is trying to kill him. He is running towards his destination – his hotel where he plays drum. Oh finally I can see my hotel – the boy said. Suddenly a loud noise was heard. Everything was gone in a few seconds. It was a bomb blast that took place in his hotel that night. Everybody died except the boy. He was late to his hotel because of his friends who constantly kept messaging him without a reason, he was late because the old man forced him to take the coins, and he was delayed because he came through that nameless subway. Flashy streetlights, hazy dreams and some coins – the air was different that night….



  1. aawwwww.....maaannn.....

    that was brilliant... the narration came alive with every word i read...
    the scene was described beautifully...

    someone's blessings has kept him alive...

    btw howcome a different kinda post this time.. not ur usual.. stuff..

  2. It was just a spontaneous outburst dear. I never thought that my story will end like this. It just came to my mind while writing the story. I wanted to me make it dark. I have also added bit of surrealism in it. Thanks for your appreciation. Actually I thought of writing about this while coming from the office when I saw an old man near the subway. His eyes were telling something. I don't know what he was up to. I always wanted to write about subways which fascinate me especially empty ones. I just love them. Thanks for your appreciation Meg. It feels great :)

  3. Hey Pallav..

    Bumped into your blog through Indiblogger.. And man am I glad i did so..

    Awesome narration buddy. Loved the details of the story...

    Would definitely be coming back for more..


  4. Mein Gott!

    I'm so reminded of my brush with death at Sarojini Nagar, in Delhi, in 2005 when an explosive went off, while I was there!

  5. @Ashwin...Indiblogger is definitely a nice place to read and meet compatible people. Thanks for the bump and your nice comment. Keep visiting

    @Rakesh...Narrow escape I guess. God Bless!

  6. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I like the way you manage to convey your reader into a tangible atmosphere.

    ( French visitor)

  7. Thanks French reader :)

  8. Anonymous9:42 PM

    So what's the next stop ?
    Do you ever get off the train to walk down a cobbled lane ?

    (French sleepwalker)

  9. read this one after reading that tale of three gals in the midnite train
    this one has the quality which i was talking abut
    i m glad i read that one 1st b4 reading this one
    excellent piece buddy
    i knw u hav a class apart
    especially wen it comes instantly frm within