Is Blogging A Waste Of Time?

Someone told me yesterday that I waste my time scribbling and blogging. Is blogging a waste of time? The answer is definitely no. Blaming people who thinks like that can be extremely difficult because they hardly understand the blogging mechanics. They are realistic souls with a minimal online presence. They’ve zero social skills and they live an old fashioned life. I can’t blame them because they are ignorant about the latest happenings. Charging them for their disheartening comments would be rude on my part. I am no soothsayer nor I am a brilliant writer- I am just another blogger.

Is Blogging A Waste Of Time?

Waiting for answers…


  1. Definitely not a waste of time! I see it as a very creative exercise that is inspired from thoughts deep within!

    It is nothing short of an art!

  2. Not at all!

    I have a slightly different perspective about this. Blogging can, and also can not be a waste of time.

    If a blogger just blogs about entertainment by regurgitating news and trends, then, literally, it's of no use at all.

    But, at the same time, if a blogger writes something very concrete, be it of a personal theme or something related to current happenings, then blogging is definitely worthwhile!

    I feel blogging is a great learning experience.. There's so much scope to this field...

    ..And let me tell you, Pallav, you are not just a blogger, but also a wonderful writer. Even if you give up blogging and start writing columns and authoring books, you will definitely go a long, long way! :)

  3. Blogging is fun. :)

  4. Blogging mayn’t be my bread and butter, blogging mayn’t give me fame but I love to blog - The reason may be anything but there is always a feeling of achievement after every post I write, there is some kind of glow in my face as soon as I complete a post. The world looks so real, so beautiful and so close after every scribble.

    Blogging gives me hope when people like Rakesh, Parth and Nethra drops their few words. I am no writer, I am no poet but lines written by Parth really mean a lot. Blogging is definitely a learning process. Thanks Rakesh, Parth and Nethra again for supporting my feelings and keeping my dreams alive

  5. I completely agree with you Pallav. Every time I put up a new post on my blog, I feel so proud and happy. It makes my day when people post their comments.

  6. @Milana...So true :)

  7. total waste of time...just like it was a sheer waste of man power to make write the Illad or War and Peace...why did man bother with the Taj Mahal or even the pyramids...they are right, waste of time.

    we shud have just stuck to plowing our fields and worshiping fire...

  8. Anonymous9:36 AM

    'Is blogging a waste of time?', he asked to bloggers reading and commenting his blog ;-)

    Same as asking a fish , 'Is swimming a waste of time ?'

    A more appropriate question could be ' Do you prefer swimming in a fishbowl or in the ocean ?'

    That said, practise in a fishbowl may be wise and good exercise before going scuba diving in the ocean.

    Mahtab (fishbowl part-time swimmer)

  9. Beautiful interpretations spring from profound thoughts.

    @Tys On Ice & Mahtab...Thanks for your precious annotations:)

  10. I don't think so but yes, if we don't get the right blog of our interest, searching does waste the time. I write satires but many times search under satires take me to many blogs which does not have much stuff of my liking. Blogging can be interesting if we are in tune with bloggers of similar interest.

  11. @S.R Ayyangar...You are talking about quality I guess. You are very right. Reading too much of fluff here and there can be confusing and disgusting. We are all hungry for good content:)

  12. All the Best, Pallav! :) :D

    I agree that blogging has its own satisfactions. Like you, there must be many passionate bloggers, who feel kind of accomplished and satisfied after they publish their blog posts. Maybe it's too natural and instinctive.

    P.S. I am glad that you appreciate people's comments and suggestions. Keep blogging, buddy... The blogosphere needs you!! :D

  13. Blogging is a lonely word. Getting traffic to the blog is more daunting than writing.

    Need better publishing tools for blogging to survive in the long run.

  14. this thought strikes me many times when I do not see a single comment on my post :)

    But again I think blogging gave me a chance to unleash a bit of my creativity. I never knew I could write. People who think its a waste of time are themselves lacking in creativity..

    Don't let such people affect you...Follow your own heart...

  15. Anonymous6:29 AM

    A blog is a tool and a place to expose one's thoughts to the world.
    They may be thoughts that need attention yet don't deserve any.
    They may be thoughts that get comments out of identificitaction , admiration, rejection or simple human reaction.
    They may be deep thoughts that are just ignored because they were either misunderstood or simply lost in this immense and hazy cyber world.
    Getting comments means being able to sign the way to your blog and also to have this special talent of having people connected to your blog and to you.
    I believe there's a difference between being a successful blogger and having pertinent thougts ... yet isn't blogging considered successful when you get many visits and comments ? What's the real point of blogging ?

    I think Pallav is a ' smoothblogger': we are all relate to him though we are all so different. We all like reading him because he drives us to a place of his choice while leaving us free to jump off the bus anytime.
    He takes care of the comments we post and even waters them so that they grow bigger everyday.

    In other words, Pallav is 'a smoothblogger who knows how to cultivate a common garden' :-)


  16. Blogging epitomizes freedom of expression at large but only a few like us get a chance to flaunt our feelings through this tool (which isn’t a tool basically). The road mayn’t be flowery but the journey is definitely going to make you smile. Blogging gives you instant pleasure. It gives you no fame but it can easily rejuvenate your thought process. I have less words but I know people here are intelligent enough to extract the hidden benefits of blogging. The future is here, we may rise, we may fall, and we may rise again.

    @Parth…You’ve a unique skill of understanding people’s psyche. You are unquestionably the future IAS officer. God bless :)

    @Lalit…Blogging isn’t a lonely world dear. It’s so very crowded yet so aloof. I know it’s difficult to attract traffic but it’s never too late. Knowledge is never a waste :)

    @Lazy Pineapple…Your words exude freshness of a keen writer who wants to satiate her unsaid feelings through blogging. Your words exude hope. They are honest and so true.

    @Mahtab….Smoothblogger, I am feeling better because I can see like minded people around me. I am feeling better because there is so much to learn. Cultivating a common garden mayn’t be possible in a world where everything changes so frequently yet there is a mutual feeling. There is hope. There is nothing called successful or unsuccessful blogger. We aren’t running a race …we are just enjoying the mechanics of life…

  17. I sit down and jot down few lines at times.. sometimes I just bring out something I had written in past and share it on my blog..... Some day my kids are going to read this when I am not around and feel they are near me... I don't feel it is waste of time.

  18. Anonymous9:57 AM

    "Blogging gives you instant pleasure. It gives you no fame but it can easily rejuvenate your thought process."

    Well said Pallav !


  19. To each his own.
    We write and write and write, and if people are there on the other who are reading, then it is a bonus.

  20. "Some day my kids are going to read this when I am not around and feel they are near me... I don't feel it is waste of time." ----Farida's comment deeply touched me. I want everybody to know that blogging isn't a waste of time. Hope everyone is listening tonight.

    Thanks Mahtab for being there always like a guardian angel.

    @Haddock….Everyday writing is a challenge that we love to face.

  21. Is telegraph, newspaper, radio, television, and telephone a waste of time? It can be.

    When applied correctly blogging can be a great experience for the writer and and those who read it.

  22. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I like blogging because I like writing :) So even if I am not blogging, I would probably write the same thing in a diary, which ofcourse no one would read. Here atleast there are people reading stuff that I write..hehe. I hope to become a writer someday!!

  23. Anonymous4:54 AM

    People want to speak and to write ... no matter what it is about or how they do it, people need to be listened to.
    Blogs gives hope, hope that someone may listen and even understand what they have to say.
    Blogs are cruel when they remain deserted forever.
    Blogs are slightly deceptive though when they are popular: love at a finger click ...
    The emergence of blogs proves humans desperately need to be listened to and few can meet their need in real life... blogs provide them with a louder voice yet there aren't always eyes to read and see what they are screaming... and even so, I am pretty sure they'd rather have one'human' ear... or 2 listening on a sofa while drinking lassi ! ;-)
    Internet comunication is all very good but it's different from a warm voice, clear laughters and real tears.

    Mathab (fishbowl part-time swimmer)

  24. blogging is definately not a waste of time... but then as someone suggested... asking this to avid bloggers like us won't provide an answer :) a view from non blogger would be something worth debating i guess :)

    Award for u in my blog :D

  25. @Hari...Blogging help writers to unleash their creativity with flamboyance. I totally agree with you.

    @evanescentthoughts…. You are definitely going to be a writer and please don’t forget to send me a copy of your novel :)

    People want to speak and to write ... no matter what it is about or how they do it, people need to be listened to.
    Blogs gives hope - hope that someone may listen and even understand what they have to say…..Well said Mahtab

    @Rajlaksmi…Thanks for the sweet award dear.