In The Journey Called Life


In the journey called life, there is nothing called destination. Everyone is just moving towards light somewhat hazy. There are small pebbles, little mud and some memories of yesteryears. There are heart aches, symphony, simplicity, perplexity and some genuine thoughts. There are friends, families and loneliness. There are shadows, miseries and dawn. In the journey called life everything is so different…

There are many things we love to do. We love to smile endlessly, we love to love, we love to write, we love to sing, and we love to fly. Sometimes we feel distressed without a reason and sometimes we feel happy again without a reason. In the journey called life everything is fair…

Sometimes you feel like dreaming, sometimes you feel like dreaming again. Sometimes you can’t stop yourself from expressing. You feel like a mocking bird flying in a deep blue sky, sometimes everything looks so lovely, so close, so real…In the journey called life everything is possible.

We will meet people, we lose them and again we meet them. We keep meeting our loved ones in a cycle. Some moments are filled with silence, some moments are filled with confusions but there are moments of glee too…In the journey called life, everything comes naturally….

Eating ice creams in a cold winter night, those evening gossip sessions with friends, tea and some samosas, long walks with someone special, writing letters at the middle of the night. In the journey called life everything happens without a reason…


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    oh my... philosopical and nostalgia.. that too in ur post.. hmmmm...
    maaanjra kya hai mister ;)
    nice one but.. reflective of everyone's minds i guess...
    thats life...
    ups n downs
    smiles n frowns
    goals n dreams
    samosas n ice-creams
    anger and frustration
    lost in trials n tribulations...
    sighh......!! thats life

  2. wow..poetic comment. Lovely,soothing yet deep :)

  3. Or so it is believed that things happen without a reason! But in fact, I believe, they do!

    It one whole experience to live life, the way it emerges and yet we cannot perfect it for nuts!

    But the essence lies, perhaps, in taking things as they are and not really contesting them for their happenings!

    And yes, my friend, there certainly isn't a destination to arrive at - its only the manner of travelling that matters!

    Very well written! Superbly nostalgic and introspective at teh same time!

  4. Spot on- Rakesh ! You are perfect in your interpretations and that's the beauty of life. Everyone interpret it differently but the meaning comes out to be the same. There are pebbles and mud but there are sunshine and raindrops too:)

    Keep reading :)

  5. Oh deep dive into life... you tried to sum it all!... ;)

    The cycle of life is the fact but you always like the fraction of the cycle, where things are moving the way you want!

  6. Thanks Karan for getting my whisperings. It feels great :)