4 Mistakes of My Life

Another mistake! People love to commit mistakes till the time they don’t get back them in return. Blunders are often made by the sanest people on earth. They are even repeated again and again. The cycle continues and I am not an exception. People hardly learn from their errors. It may sound weird but the fact is nobody cares about their mistakes. In a world where everything depends upon data analysis, there is no room for those emotional fools who loves to work according to their whims and fancies.

You aren’t Jim Morrison. Your thoughts and feelings won’t be recognized till the time you become acknowledged. You are just a piece of draft without a publisher. You are a living moron if you want to change the world. Everybody can’t become Dalai Lama. You aren’t a superman who can save humanity from falling. You aren’t a joker either who can destroy civilization. You are just another being who is on the process of metamorphosis. Wait! You’re yet to be reviewed. Mistakes committed by you are blunders. They are of no use. Come down my dear friend, you’ve a long way to go. Yes, these are facts which keep annoying everybody every now and then.

4 Mistakes of My Life

Sleeping:  Everybody thinks sleeping is a sheer waste of time but I never thought like that because I tried to visualise my dreams. They sometimes look so real, so close and so beautiful. I love sleeping and that’s my first mistake. Opportunities knocked my door and I kept sleeping. I kept dreaming. You just can’t rectify your habits. It comes from within. Everybody from my parent to my friends tried to push me but my sleeping habits never left me. Oh bliss! Sleeping is obviously my first mistake and I know I can’t solve this problem.

Multitasking: You may be a versatile man but you should avoid doing everything simultaneously. Nothing comes easily my dear friend. You’ve to be an expert not an apprentice always. Learning many things can ruin your life. The focal point of success lies in your expertise. Yet, repeating mistakes has become an everyday activity for me. I don’t know what I want basically. Being confused and clueless is my second mistake.

Introvert: Open up man. Yes, being an introvert after an unsuccessful attempt for my NDA (National Defence Academy) exam made me a rock. Sometimes some incidents in your life leave a mark badly and that happened to me too. Joining India Army was my dream which was never fulfilled and hence I became a dreamer who kept sleeping. Now I thank God for everything because that was a real eye opener. My shyness is a gift from my disappointment. Oh! You should always have an alternative in your life, in your career otherwise you’ll be nowhere. Therefore I am no more fighting in the glaciers in my dreams now. I am wide awake. That was a passing phase may be which made me realise my mistakes.

Repeating Mistakes: Sometimes repeating mistakes can be such an involuntary action. You don’t feel like committing them but eventually you make another gaffe. Some people learn from their mistakes and others just keep repeating them and that’s  life which just moves on with and without your mistakes…

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  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    mr.Pallav..very true to everyone...

    Good writing

  2. You are tagged. Check my blog.

  3. aawww...maannn... i could seee so much of myself too in this post...
    albeit the introvert part...
    cos you knw too that i'm an extrovert :)

    Sleeping... aah yes.. was a dreamer... am a dreamer..most probably will be a dreamer too :)
    cant stop dreaming though...

    Multi-Taskin... i agree.. it kinda makes u Jack of All Trades...
    I have the same syndrome... need to work on this one...

    repeating mistakes..fr me i wud include TRUST.. i sometimes tend to trust people too brutally and take everything they say on facevalue.. and tht many times leads to my debacle :(
    Nonetheless well written dear

  4. @Nethra...Thanks for tagging me:)

    @Meg...Thanks for understanding me :)

  5. I so much agree with what U have said here!

    1. I sure cannot do without my 8 hrs of sleep

    2. CANNOT multitask, will not multitask, HATE to multitask...... heck, I even hate the word!

    3. Cannot remain in a shell, ever!

    4. Try never to repeat follies! I try consciously!

    Nice one PG!

  6. I'm curious.......why would U call them mistakes, when they are just the opposite?

  7. That was the catch. You got it right Rakesh ;)

  8. thats was a stright from the heart kind of post... seems you have bared all :D ... but then it is these things that make our life - a life :)

  9. Thanks Rajlakshmi :)

  10. I first thought this as a book review of Chetab Bhagat's book, only later realized that his was 3 mistakes and your is 4...

  11. not gross at all...mistakes are made for making.....:D

  12. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I guess the body of the article was tailor designed for the title of the post. With whatever i have read in this article, i am pretty sure that a few more mistakes were left undiscussed.

  13. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Sleeping is imagination's fertile and warm nest!
    Multitasking ? be happy to have more than an interest!
    Introverts are filled with rare and thus precious feelings !
    Repeating mistakes: man constructs himself through his mitakes... you learn nothing from success ... you may repeat mistakes cause you just love to learn and learn more ...unless you need a little more time to actually grasp what you're meant to learn! ;-)

    (French mistake-maker)

    ps: Perfection is boring, mistakes are charming!

  14. @Nalini...welcome to the mistake maker’s space

    @Partha...True ;)

    @ Perfection is boring; mistakes are charming --- agreed, sealed :)

  15. At first I thought I was on my sons blog and he was finally admitting he is making few of those mistakes...Disappointed here. Good blog and an honest one.

  16. Thanks Farida for being so generous :)

  17. "Oh! You should always have an alternative in your life, in your career otherwise you’ll be nowhere."

    Read it man. Some times there are no alternatives in life. What you what is what you want and nothing can be its replacement.

  18. I appreciate your thought Vishal :)