What Boys Want – 5 Shocking Secrets About Boys Revealed!

All boys are different. There are various categories of guys. What boys want? This question will be answered here. I have interviewed almost 100 boys around the globe and came with this idea. Boys are boys. Boys do cry. They have emotions, they love to be loved and they can be extremely jazzy. It’s actually not easy to understand a man’s heart. People think that all men are straight forward but this article will expose every man’s psyche. The world is changing and even the needs of a man are shifting. Earlier they were considered masculine, responsible and dependable. But today they are more feminine, promiscuous and mysterious. I am not throwing mud but that’s a reality. There are three categories of man. The classification is extremely accurate. If you are wondering about which one is the ideal than you are almost wrong. No one is perfect because the world around them molds them. A genuine guy is hard to find because they no more exist. The definition of flawlessness is also altering with time. So, if you are on a hunt for the ideal guy than you should better stop your search.

5 Shocking Secrets Of Boys Exposed!

  1. What boys want? Men mainly want to be seduced by a girl whom they find hard to approach. They love to fantasize a lot. They are not perverts but they are avid dreamer. They love to date a good looking girl because that increases their reputation among friends and relatives while they date no-sot good-looking in undisclosed areas. If your guy is always forcing you to go to some lonely and inhibited region than you should better think twice.
  2. Every man is not lucky to have a girlfriend. Only the blessed ones get an opportunity to date a girl while others keeps dreaming and fantasizing. Some men are passionate about everything except sex. They can be a good friend but not a good lover. They are basically confused people.
  3. The first category in my list is refined and classy ones. These guys are hard to get types. They are extremely good looking and they love to have a beautiful girlfriend but unfortunately a good-looking guy never finds a charming girlfriend and vice versa. It’s a universal truth. So if you are a good looking girl than don’t expect your boyfriend to be equally handsome. However, there are exceptions everywhere. The classy types love to hang around for flaunting their good looks. They are mysterious and hard to understand. Yet, girls don’t love them much because they think that they are promiscuous. They mostly prefer arranged marriage after an age of flirting.
  4. The next type is of course extremely lovable. They are cute boys whose innocent smiles can flatter anyone. They are honest. Girls love to date a boy who is down to earth. These men are killers. Their chocolaty charm not only charms the opposite sex but they can also entice their parents. They are the next door neighbor types. They are extrovert.
  5. The third category of boys is the most interesting. These men are silent, intelligent and passionate. They are the learned ones. They mostly think about their career. Yet, they are less macho and extremely emotional. They are best ones. They mayn’t be charming but they can satisfy any girl in bed. They are less filmy. Most of the new age guys fall under this category. They have a good online presence because they hardly get time to date a girl. They are engineers, doctors, bankers and entrepreneurs. They are responsible guys. Yet, as I have already said that nobody is perfect. What boys want? Men mainly want to get recognition in life. They want every girl to get attracted to them. They aren’t jealous but they love challenges in life. They are choosy at the time of marriage. They may be in a live in relationship with a girl for years but when it comes to marriage they do take time. Boys are mysterious. All men need attention from the opposite sex. They love to have cosy moment with their partners before marriage. So, it’s not a big deal if your guy wants to sleep with you before marriage. At least he isn’t gay then. I know the gay community may hate this but I am coming up with something for them too.

Lastly I thank you people for listening to me. Hope I am true at least to some extent. Do reply….

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