Ugly Faces - A Story about Ugly People and Their Struggles

The story starts from here. No metaphors, no puns but some ugly truth about ugly faces is what I am going to tell here. The world is running after beauty in every form. Nobody cares about an ugly man or an ugly woman. The world becomes nothing but a dark tunnel for them. They struggle, fall; lose every race be it be love, lust or a job. They are treated badly because they look unattractive. They get the worst treatment everywhere they go. They are clueless and misguided everywhere. Their silent tears are never seen. The darkness never fades away from their not-so-beautiful lives.

A Story about Ugly People and Their Struggles

Underground emotions, dark memories and some frozen thoughts make them sad. Ugly people have to struggle in each step. They are less pampered, less cared and less recognised because they have obnoxious features. No girlfriends, no boyfriends, no job, no families, no friends. They are lonely sufferer in the game of life.

No one tries to understand their beautiful souls. No one helps them because they are not so good-looking. They aren’t promoted easily, they aren’t appreciated…finally they die without a whisper. But what is so ugly about ugly faces is something which I ponder. Everyone cannot be good-looking; everybody can’t be suave or dashing. Why life treats badly with people with ugly faces then? Why they have to bite the dust in the road of life? Why their hearts are always empty? The tales about ugly people and their struggles can be disgusting.

We have seen people allotted jobs according to their physical appearances. The way you look is extremely important now for any thing. Why people are going crazy for becoming handsome? Why surgeries are getting momentum. Everybody can’t be attractive like Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts, and everybody can’t be ugly too. It’s not so difficult to shed our differences and embrace people as they are. The moment we do this- humanity wins!

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  1. glad am i that you put this up buddy....
    aptly worded...superbly conveyed..
    //No one tries to understand their beautiful souls. //
    just a teeny question since u wrote this.. how many not so good-looking gals have you befriended?? how many fat.. voluptuous drop dead gorgeous females are ur friend mate??
    do a lil retrospection too ;)
    no hard feelings mate jus a thot to ponder on :)
    infact my poem for today was sumthing on similar lines...only it was more woman-centric..
    you can check it here :

  2. Well! You are partially right but I think beauty is not everything for me-no cliche. Please don't mis-interpret. Yet, I appreciate beauty in any form that doesn't mean I hate ugly people. No one is perfect and i am not an exception. Ugliness shouldn't be misjudged.

    @Thanks meg for appreciating my thoughts.

  3. pallav,
    appreciating beauty and being prejudiced are 2 different things..
    everyone appreciates beauty.. but choosing people on the basis of looks be it even purely for friendship is prejudice/bias...
    i'm not mis-interpreting..
    i'm jus frankly layin the facts on the table..n thts y i said no hard feelings dear.. no one is perfect and thats why people with beautiful souls are not always sexy n sassy.. ;)
    n to be very honest m glad you made this post :)
    so dont get me wrong n sorry if i sounded harsh/rude :)

  4. Well though you have stirred right emotions but somewhere I think you are less charitable...Somewhere I heard "ask your mother she'll tell you how beautiful you are"..but yes when it comes to society it does shits..

  5. If I am not wrong this line "ask your mother she'll tell you how beautiful you are" was quoted in the movie LOC.

    Thanks Tarun for your interpretations and happy Republic Day brother :)

  6. Thanks for reminding...:) slipped out of my mind...but have read it somewhere else also way back in school time...:)

  7. Beauty lies in the eyes of the one who analyze things. By the way, I liked this topic. :)

  8. beauty is is materialistic..ne1 can chnge their features...ofcourse i'm totally against it...but being born beautiful is no achievement..they were simply BORN dat way..n being ugly isn't something to be sorry abt..i don't even knw hw ppl differentiate betwn wots beautiful or nt...

    newayz nyc post :) loved it :)

  9. Thanks Nofairytale:)

  10. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Someone said: 'La laideur a ceci de supérieur à la beauté, c'est qu'elle dure!', in other words ugliness has something superior to beauty - it lasts over the years...

    Yet, I would like to moderate this. On the one hand, I believe one gets used to beauty no matter whether it fades away or not... and after getting used to it, you no longer see it. So whay praise beauty while you'll become blind to it eventually ?
    On the second hand, you may find someone ugly at first sight while you might as well discover some hidden attractions that will bloom into your eyes as you get to know the person better.
    I find beauty together with perfection rather's so boring and quite unexpecdly so hopeless !

    That said, I prefer charm to beauty but I don't mind when the two are combined together!

    French charm-defendent

  11. Anonymous4:13 AM


    Proper spelling is beautiful ;-)

    (French mistake-maker)

  12. Beautifully written and conveyed. I am extremely touched by this comment.

    Keep penning :)

  13. Anonymous4:51 AM

    At times, my pen may chat too loud while yours seems deaf to it sound!

    (French pen)

  14. Hey again! :) out of curiosity after reading THAT ugly man post....i came here...same comments for you ..wohoooo! keep writing..i must note down ur blog url o something..