Something About Guwahati!

Amid confusions, turbulence and extreme low self esteem, finally I have decided to give a slow start to my never-ending dream. I have seen materialism in the rustic, I have seen smiling faces but finally I have experienced hope. This morning is full of music, laughter and poetry. My words and emotions are in sync and I am no more dazed. It’s becoming relaxing.

My trip to Guwahati is finally getting over. I saw, I felt and now I am carrying the memories along with me. Life in Guwahati is slow. People here are extremely passionate about music, dance and merry making. Every corner of this city exudes freedom and nostalgia, but I still feel like a stranger to this place. I am a loner in my own place. It’s not painful but it’s disgusting.

Life in a small town like Guwahati starts with a cup of tea and ends with a bottle of wine. You can find tea stalls and wine shops at an equal frequency here. The place is getting polluted with number of cars increasing with each passing day. People are getting rich. A tremendous gap is created between the old- new and the super new. You can find every type of crowd here. The golden Assam is finally witnessing Industrialisation. Major companies like Reliance, Vodafone, and Thomas Cook etc. are doing great here.

It’s extremely fascinating to see the amazing dressing sense of Guwahatians. It’s one of the most fashionable cities in India. The era of long silence is over. The colours, fragrances and the soil of Guwahati are different now. It’s on the process of metamorphosis. This change is definitely positive.

The blend of rustic and modern is the flavour of this place. You can find river island, boats, temples, hills, cottages and cineplexes here. The innocence and virginity of Guwahati is blissful. Come here to decipher creativity and freedom. Come here for love!

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  1. some moments in life are to be seized...lest you run the risk of never experiencing bliss again....