Old Photographs

Suddenly my past stands next to me
It cuddles and caresses my soul
The joy of yesteryears, those childhood moments
Those innocent smiles of my loved ones are still the same…

Those kids are now young adults, 
those beautiful girls now look little grown up
I still feel the same when I look through those old photographs.
The pages of my album looks little hazy now
Some lost friends, some lost relatives and some silent tears
Those old photographs still speaks the same.

People have grown older and wiser
Some are no more in between us
But the pages of my album still exude joy.
I love the way life changes…
Those old photographs in my mom’s wardrobe always rejuvenate me.
Suddenly my past stands next to me

Suddenly everything around me transforms…
The joy of yesteryears still beckons me endlessly.
Time changes, fashion changes, look changes
But those smiles never changes.
They are still the same…

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  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Past takes its true meaning with Present emerging
    While Future only exists with Present dying
    We're running out of time, always late
    We keep dreaming our life, lethal fate
    Yet we keep floating on life’s wave
    For this one-way journey we crave

    French reader and poetic sailor

  2. Such a profound thought my French reader. I am touched. Deep yet subtle composition. I can really feel your words. Keep visiting. It feels nice to see you around :)