Nothing Actually

Words, emotions, thoughts and pain
The four walls of my living room
Makes me laugh, makes me grin
Makes me an evil,
The killing silence, empty feelings
And a broken heart…

Sometimes everything seems so unreal
Oh! Life can be so uninteresting
It can be so vacant without that meaningful happiness.
Words, emotions, thoughts and pain
The four walls of my living room.

Those sweet memories, those fulfilling smiles
Are no more left…
The sky is all grey;
There is a pain; there is sadness all around.
It’s not a poem, it’s not a prose
Actually it’s nothing…

Whenever I feel depressed I scribble, whenever I am happy I scribble, whenever I do nothing I scribble. Writing is something which keeps me alive. It makes me laugh, cry and smile. The joy of jotting down my feelings can be so relaxing. Sometimes, you have nothing to deliver, nothing to say actually. The moment you feel suffocated, monotonous and pressurised- you feel the need for writing. There is art, creativity and lots of emotions attached with this unique addiction called writing. Even a prisoner of war feels like a bird by scribbling few sentences in his notebook.

Sometimes you write because you feel love, sometimes you write because you feel ditched. You scribble to express your unsaid emotions, you write to fly without wings. The process will continue till the time humanity survives. Writing is like sipping an old wine. It’s like sitting and chatting with a beautiful woman. So, keep writing my dear friend because at the end of the day it makes you feel happy and completely satisfied. Oh! I am feeling better now…


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    awww...maannn.. i can completely relate to this one..
    //Writing is something which keeps me alive//
    aptly worded.. happy or sad.. angry or nervous.. writing gives me immense pleasure... and it even calms and soothes me..
    //Oh! I am feeling better now…//
    it gives me a sense of achievement of having done something..
    esp i tend to get poetic wen i have any particular strong feeling spreading within me..

    good one :)

  2. I am feeling much better now :)

  3. It is quite natural to feel the twists and turns of life and be influenced by them, and the best thing to do is to do what you love the most, which I gather is to write, perhaps!

    And so, keep writing my friend, for a lot of us will then be blessed with the chance to read!

    Thanks for your comments on my space! Appreciate it!



  4. Thank you so much Rakesh:)

    Keep writing :)

  5. Hi, I loved your poetry... They are very good. I have spent quite some time surfing your blog today and I find it very interesting. Will be back to read more.