Miss Touch Me Not – Shocking Secrets about Miss Touch Me Not Revealed

You must have gone through this phrase once in your lifetime. Yeah! She is Miss Touch Me Not. It seems great because we are all same. Girls are unique, flamboyant and lovely. They can mesmerise and titillate your souls from distance. They are charming and extremely thoughtful people on earth. Some girls are friendly while others take time to feel comfortable. Some women are bold while others are beautiful. Some girls are poetic while others love practical things. I can understand that every girl wants to preserve their virginity till marriage but that doesn’t mean you will act like a super sensitive person when a boy touches you. Men aren’t animals after all. They have emotions too.

Shocking Secrets about Miss Touch Me Not Revealed

Miss Touch Me Not loves to cover her body from top to bottom. She never wears skinny jeans and body hugging tea shirts; she loves to be in her limits. That’s fantastic. I like them but why they are like that? I don’t analyse things so much, I just write whatever I see, hear and feel.

Guys feel scared to come near them because they can be poisonous. They can bite you without touching you of course. They can sue you, slap you, and curse you.  These girls try to behave like goddesses which they aren’t basically. There are exceptions but every Miss Touch Me Not may not be a virgin. Even globalization can’t change these women because they are born with it. They are so very proud of their virginity.
But I have seen girls who love to mingle around with boys but they never let them come to their bed so easily. They are practical and new age girls.

Well! Miss Touch Me Nots are mostly found in colleges, schools etc. etc. They hardly talks to a guy in public because that makes them bad. They love clandestine meetings, they are so very filmy. It’s a reality. I just want to know why they act like this when they know all guys are not the same. There are innocent boys too. The story of Miss Touch Me Not may not excite you so much but that’s reality. Girls do act like them sometimes.

Correct me if I am wrong?

I only discuss serious things. So keep reading :)

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  1. lolzzz now that was hillarious take on touch me nots... not many of their species let though :)
    so did any touch me not bite you huh ?/ :)
    just kidding :)

  2. Honestly, the "touch-me-nots" that I have known in my life were molested as a child and were made to feel that it was their fault. That was the reason they would be so jumpy and try to do whatever it is a good girl is supposed to do.

    But then there might be other variety too that I haven't come across yet...

  3. umm..I liked the picture :P

    Keep writing

  4. Anonymous7:22 PM

    m not sure how many touch me nots exist now.. ;)
    esp the baggy clothes part... i swear i don feel like buyin tht part... and not talkin in public.. jeezzz... do they exist at all..
    teek hai yar.. u maintain a public face n all.. but this was extremes..
    nice insight pallav :)

  5. @Rajlakshmi...Noways. I don't want to suffer from rabies:) Thanks for your inquisitive comment:)

    @Richa...Yeah! They must have been molested badly during their childhood years. You are psychologically correct:) nice interpretation. Thanks Richa

    @Tarun…I can understand your feelings;) Thanks brother. Keep reading!

    @Megzone…Girls like them can be found in Delhi, what can I say about small towns after that. That's reality. They can be nightmares for boys. Thanks Meg for your generous and lovely comment.

  6. lol...preserving ur virginity is one thing and behaving touch me not is another...

    i wonder hw many of us like dat exist...

    but i agree wid richa here too...there are cases of molestations...that makes them jumpy n all...

  7. i would say that's pretty harsh.....i believe many gals who must have read this .....won't even comment on this......

    though i agree .....there are these kind of girls.....however we are human.....we have a lot of personalities....this is one of them......

    I have seen girls who have been restricted are the one who do the same things while hiding from everybody......exact kind of behavior........

    liked it ...promoted it....\,,/

  8. @Tweety... “Preserving your virginity is one thing and behaving touch me not is another”...Point taken. It’s true but why some girls act like this is something I want to know. Neways, I don't want go deeper as someone said yesterday that my blog is turning into a sex blog lol! Thanks for reading my post and promoting my thoughts.

    @Hitesh...Thanks for commenting because that matters to me a lot. I know some gals mayn't like this post but that's reality and we can't escape from the truth. There are good girls, bad girls and the touch me nots...I don't know they are good or bad. It's up to you. Thanks brother for reading and promoting it. It feels great.


  9. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Right ... I don't quite agree with this post...
    I believe some guys will prefer seeing girls who reject them as misses-touch-me-not because it won't jeopardize their seductive power as much as accepting the fact a girl is not attracted to them. Of course I am looking at it all from a western point of view, which makes it slightly different.
    In Europe, miss-touch-me-not is often seen either as a spinster-to-be or a hot babe playing with your nerves... thus proving the same behaviours may result in different affections !
    Any girl is a potential miss-touch-me-not or miss-touch-me-please depending on whom they're facing!
    Last but not least, I would add that when miss-touch-me-not turns into miss-touch-please just for one guy , it must feel really thrilling...

    ( French visitor)

  10. I love your satirical humour always LOL.

    BTW where did you find them? I thought they belonged to the age of dinosaurs.