Midnight Poetry – A Poem From My New Diary!

When I scribble now
I feel suffocated
As I feel no inspiration
I become a helpless soul
Without the technical support

I am forgetting to write
My pen isn’t moving flawlessly
My words sound monotonous
But my inner desire to write is still alive.

The advent of the New Year is exciting
It’s almost different.
The ambience is rustic this time, as I am amid hills and valleys.
The mystical North-East is making me insane.
Its pure nature is making me diluted.

My old passion for diary writing have regenerated
But I am struggling to write now.
Writing without MS word is as difficult as climbing a building without stairs.
But I am determined to complete my midnight poem, which promises to exude bliss and freedom.

It feels so authentic, to write with a pen…


  1. Nice one...I know there is a huge differnece in typin and writing with a pen, nowadays its getting difficult to actually write with a pen, because of our excessive usage of MS

  2. :-) this is so true...until a few years back pen and a diary is all I had...and day wouldn't be complete without sharing a few lines...and I am laughing right now...cause now I have an online journal... :-)

    I guess a whole lot of people would be in the same predicament...but hey hang in there...and good luck with the poetry, the world is waiting!!!

  3. you know something, I always write with a pen first and then edit with computer!