Mental Infidelity – Shocking Secrets About Infidelity And Betrayal Unveiled!

Today I had a great evening. I had a talk with someone who is better than me in every aspect. Sometimes it feels great to learn even something unusual like infidelity from someone who knows nothing about you. You feel enriched, knowledgeable and happy. But how many people really find true happiness in life? Infidelity mayn’t be only physical, it can be mental too. Mental infidelity is far more painful and frustrating. It can make your world fall apart. The world isn’t only a beautiful place. There are ugly corners too. There are unseen traumas and hidden stitches all around.

Shocking Secrets About Infidelity And Betrayal Unveiled!

People think that only sleeping with someone else is faithlessness. Actually it’s only a part of betrayal. The real meaning of disloyalty is something different. You mayn’t even be wrong if you aren’t doing something called “Mental Infidelity”. Men are known to be promiscuous but they can be honest too. There are men who are sleeping with many partners but still they are loyal to their wives or girlfriends because they are not performing mental infidelity.

So, let’s not beat around the bush and come to the main point. Mental infidelity is something which you may be doing unconsciously but it’s one of the main reasons behind every broken relationship. You may be making love with your partner but if you are thinking about someone else during and after that moment of sheer bliss than you are definitely performing mental infidelity. The silent betrayal is far more dangerous than other things in life. An early discovery can be repaired but if it’s a long term thing than you are most probably going to suffer the pain. You are definitely going to cry and curse yourself. The truth is bitter but if it’s unseen than it is more pungent.

Many families, many lives are going through this pain. They are silent because they want to preserve the honour. They aren’t disclosing the deepest secrets about their broken affairs with their husbands or wives to the world because they are afraid of the society. They are living a dead man’s life. Their silent tears are almost depressing. Mental betrayal can be a disastrous. It can happen to you too.

It’s only my opinion. What’s yours? Do let me know…

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  1. I agree that mental infidelity is the starting point for most of the broken relations. Constant thoughts confirms them into action... Nice thought!

  2. Relationship is too delicate an issue. Since you've touched it - and touched it well - I will expect you to continue with it. Let there be a series on the subject. Best.

  3. is one of the most un treaded paths..Its all in the mind..

    It is what is called "Lack of attachement"

  4. @Neeraj thanks for the appreciation. It's extremely gratifying to get your comments. Keep writing!

    @Tarun…. You’ve interpreted the topic adequately. Thanks again :)

  5. Yes I agree with your thoughts on mental infidelity. Though I think loyalty in all aspects is important, & both mental & physical infidelity are unforgivable. But that's just my view!

  6. Thanks Magali for visiting my space :)

    Keep writing!

  7. Hi Pallav! first time on ur blog, must say u impressed me. Esp I liked the way you wrote about blogging, and paid tribute to the forum and platforms. I appreciate that.

    Btw, is this your pic, i mean the profile pic?