It’s A Butt Crazy World – Myths and Facts about Butts Revealed!

Nice butt! Oh, that’s what everybody is looking for nowadays. The beauty of woman lies in her bottom says many intelligent men. From Kim Kardashian to Salma Hayek, from Jennifer Lopez to Hally Berry, everybody possesses mouth-watering bottoms. Fascination for well-toned, voluptuous, killing shape is gaining momentum with each passing day. Girls love to have them and boys like to see them. They can be extremely motivating. Indian women are genetically gifted with these physical attributes. Their body exude bliss. It’s undoubtedly a butt crazy world my dear my friend. You may like it or hate it but it’s extremely impossible to ignore a curvaceous bottom. Your eyeballs get automatically drifted towards them. It’s half voluntary and half involuntary. The way they moves, the way they jumps, the way they take shape is extremely enthralling. Almost everybody (men) gets attracted towards a woman having extremely well toned bottom. It’s kind of fatal attraction. People think that only perverts thinks all these things day and night but the fact is every guy admires and craves for this. Some guys say, others not.

Myths and Facts about Butts Revealed!

There are different shapes and sizes. Some look cute while others look irresistible. Even woman loves to gaze at man’s butt. That’s a reality. According to various surveys, almost 90% woman loves to date a guy with a well toned bottom. Gone are the days of biceps and chest. It’s time to have some delicious butts.

Sexy and intelligent butts are mostly found in big cities. Almost every girl possesses a delightfully curved back. They consciously wear the tightest possible pair of jeans to flaunt them with flamboyance. They love to swing them. I have also seen girls slapping their bottoms just to check the form. Oh! That’s perfect, you needn’t worry about it. Girls are focusing more on butt exercises. They are reading all types of magazines to attain a bikini shaped body. They are taking tips from trainers and doctors. They are literally running for a well toned butt. These are only my opinion. What’s your story?

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  1. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Quite fun to read yet can't see the poetic side of it!
    Do you write poetry as well ?

    A french butt :-P

  2. Thanks French Butt! Yes, I do :)

  3. Anonymous6:18 AM

    "I have also seen girls slapping their bottoms just to check the form".... no, seriously??

    actually interesting to read 'coz it's so true! and yea...women do love toned butts...i know 'coz i do! :D

    Keep writing!


  4. Thanks sanz for your authentic observation:D

    Keep reading:)

  5. Anonymous7:08 AM

    but why suddenly about butts :-o

    //It’s undoubtedly a butt crazy world //
    aint that butt obvious buddy ;)

    //I have also seen girls slapping their bottoms just to check the form.//
    sheeeeshhh...crap... i dont buy that :-|

    //It’s time to have some delicious butts//
    aaahh... no comments.. but i still think an awesome chest n biceps is more enticing ;)

  6. @meg...Chest and biceps are classics but not the bestsellers. Ok! Let me put it like this-butts for woman and chest and biceps for man. Waiting for more reactions :D

  7. Beauty, I believe, must always be appreciated, no matter in what form!

    And as the old adage goes - A thing of beauty is joy forever! Ain't it?


    Sunday treats make good Monday mornings! Thanks budd! ;)

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  9. lovely thought Rakesh :)

  10. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Back again... where can your poetry be read ?
    I 'd be interested in reading what you write when you are in a poetical-butt-inspired mood?

    (French reader)

  11. Poetical-butt-inspired mood is something every poet would love to have. Quite impressed by this butt-inspired line. Keep coming here.

    Indian butt :D

  12. i have experienced it....though not from a girls vantage point..i mean never heard or seen them..trying to get that perfect butt....

    yea the glamor industry is pushing it......into our lives.....and it surely is catching really fast among the guys.....good to hear gals looking for the same....time to hit the gym..........

    i don't have anything to say about it.....i do like the other parts of a girls's not like i'll try to check one's butt before going forward....for a conversation.......but is a mean to attract guys/gals......

  13. It is butt obvious that me do fall for them! And why not?

    And I also agree that women also search for proper tonned butt in men, they do get attracted!

    Enjoyed reading! They are pure facts... ;)

  14. @Hitesh...I do agree with you as there are other features too :) Beauty must always be appreciated.

    @Karan...I like your genuine thought.

    So keep butting guys:)

  15. ah! the butt crazy world!!!

    The obsession has been there for quite sometime now...Brazil has a whole regime dedicated to it.

    Though genetically blessed, India has recently embraced the buttlicious bandwagon...and hey no one's complaining eh!!! :)

    Great post...

  16. fun read...butts are an interesting topic coz they change with fashion...flat was in long ago but after jennifer lopez it isn't any more!!!

  17. Anonymous8:27 PM

    What a butty post :P

    Kudos :P

    Keep butting to keep urself rocking :P

  18. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Not to 'butt' in...'butt' noticed u gotta thing for Kim dear havent ya?ya she hot..i must grudgingly admit..nyways gud post Pal :)