Interview with Zinnia Mitra – A Windy Tale!

"Simplicity is extinct because it’s evaluated with a lot of complexity". 

Simple, Independent and Unpredictable! Zinnia Mitra is an upcoming photographer and a poet from the city of joy –Kolkata. Her photographs reflect her mood and her poetry deciphers her thoughts and the harsh realities of life. She thinks simplicity is extinct because it’s evaluated with a lot of complexity. So, let’s get acquainted with Zinnia Mitra's photography personally.

A Conversation Through Zinnia's Pictures!

Me: What mediums of creativity motivate you?

Zinnia: I get inspiration from my surroundings irrespective of what it is.

Me: What keeps you awake at night?

Zinnia: My mind...which never stops thinking, evaluating and creating.

Me: Three things people don't know about you?

Zinnia: I am arrogant when hurt, I am very well organized, and I know myself and my surroundings too well.

Me: Your poetry deciphers?

Zinnia: My thoughts and the realities around...

Me: What's seduction according to you?

Zinnia: Seduction according to me is conviction.

Me: What are the main factors influencing photographers today?

Zinnia: It depends on the kind of work they do...

Me: Do you want to take photography to the streets of Kolkata?

Zinnia: Yes, I would like to.

Me: Your pictures promote?

Zinnia: Nothing in specific

Me: Do you believe in fairy tales?

Zinnia: Yes

Me: Who is your favorite fictional character?

Zinnia: Aladdin

Me: why?

Zinnia: He is like the winds, he has a free will. He is simple yet charismatic.

Me: Do you believe in escapism?

Escapism is a part of human living...its inherent...

Me: Do you think photographers, poets and writers are escapist?

Zinnia: I believe every normal person is escapist. It just depends what medium they choose to escape....

Me: How do you balance practicality with your aesthetics?

The: I look at things as it is.

One word answers

What is life?--A photo album
Relationship- Necessity
Sex- Physical union
Drugs- Antibodies
Art- An expression
My blog-Cool

Her photography is all about nature, love, freedom and poetry. They speak louder than my words.

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    nor do interesting interview

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    I had a look at Zinnia's blog "decipher" ... and I must say I find her moonlight moron stunning!

    (French visitor)

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    I always motivated by you, your opinion and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

    - Murk