Flying Without Wings - Top 3 Tips To Fly Without Wings Unveiled!

Soft melodious music always entices me especially in a cold winter morning in a hill station like Shillong. The cup of hot tea never looked so pleasing. I can see the mountains from my cottage; I can feel a sense of joy from within. Flying without wings seems to be possible here. It’s one of the best things that I would ever do in my life. Far from the maddening crowd, miles away from the fighting spirit. I am actually leading a self styled laidback existence. The world around me is fresh, innocent and full of life. I am feeling like a young John Keats. I am no soul healing guru neither I promise nirvana but I do believe in the serenity of this divine place that can motivate anybody to write, read, play, enjoy and relax simultaneously.

Top 3 Tips To Fly Without Wings Unveiled!

Flying without wings is no more unpractical, it’s no more a poetic muse. It can be possible if you are willing to see the finer things of life rather than fighting over something that is unattainable. Everyone is afraid of failure but one should never run away from it. Failure makes you strong. Every great man failed once in their lifetime. Failing in exams, relationships, jobs etc. are fleeting things. Experiencing these things makes you a better person. Life without itches is boring. You can fly without wings by learning from your mistakes instead of crying over things that never meant for you.

The tug of war between the practical world and the world of materialism is never-ending but both are incomplete without each other. Writers, poets, philosophers, preachers can only give the idea of a perfect world that can be made possible by doctors, engineers, bankers, businessman, and politicians. It’s difficult to imagine a life without books. Yet, writers are always neglected and dumped till the time they don’t become a star like Chetan Bhagat or Ruskin Bond. An unpublished writer is poor, helpless and unattractive. No one cares about their writings. No one reads them but can you live without good movies, plays, books or music? The answer is definitely no. If you want to fly without wings than you should preferably rejuvenate your emotions with a good movie or a soulful song.

Recently, I have seen one of the finest movies made by Indian film industry called 3 Idiots. This movie is definitely an eye opener for millions of parents who force their son or daughter to pursue something that never meant for them. The film deals with a sensitive issue of suicide and expectations without any exaggeration. 3 Idiots is all about freedom, love, escapism and life. Every character in the movie is real. It’s you and me. It’s everyone. The ending is bright and beautiful.

Flying without wings is possible with a positive attitude, freedom of mind, love and a bit of sunshine!


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