Cheap Popularity – It’s All About Cheap Popularity, Instant Gratification And Overnight Fame!

What is cheap popularity?  It’s fame that lives for a short time but people do crave for instant gratification, overnight fame and the so-called cheap popularity every now and then. Everyone can’t be Barack Obama, Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Oscar Wilde, Drew Barrymore or Kim Kardashian. Popularity can be anything for a common man. It can be a recognition given to him by his Chai (Tea) Friends for cracking the funniest jokes, it can be a nice comment on your blog post from someone who likes your writing, and it can be anything from a sweet kiss from the hottest girl next door or a cricket century in your neighborhood park.

It’s All About Cheap Popularity, Instant Gratification And Overnight Fame!

Everyone is hungry for popularity but we can’t term them cheap popularity because they are something that transforms your life. They make you happy. They make you smile. The advent of reality shows is helping the common and talented people to transform their dreams into reality. It’s a great leap. They are getting money, fame and happiness simultaneously. They aren’t cheap popularity, they are life changing tales. Addiction to any nature is devastating. Therefore, it can be harmful if you run after success continuously. Cheap popularity can be dangerous when you perceive them differently. 

Till last year, I was addicted to instant gratification. I was hasty but now everything is stable. I am no more reckless. I am no hungrier for instant gratification. I am no more dazed. Cheap popularity, instant gratification and overnight fame aren’t bad things. In the world where everything is served at a light speed, it’s not a crime to expect a “great post” comment from someone who stays miles away from you.

Do you agree with me?


  1. Anonymous2:24 AM

    I would not say everyone seeks for popularity, I'd rather say everyone needs recognition.
    As far as cheap popularity is concerned, I would say it is still too high a price to pay. What's next for those people in need for instant fame... once the media-vampire has sucked all their "homely blood" , they are left lifeless... just like puppets abandoned by a child , tired of over playing with them.
    Popularity means nothing unless it is based on some artistic talent, moral quality, hand craft or physical abilities recognition ...
    Some mistake popularity with recognition but isn't an expert's, a connoisseur's or a true friend's credit more valuable than a anonymous frantic fan's or the biaised venal media's praise ?
    Besides one should also considers what being ' popular' really means: if it's someone who's loved by the public , one should consider why it is so: out of blind affection, out of identification ,out of pity ,or out of recognition ?

    French reader: anonymous amateur ;-)

  2. Dear French reader
    How can you be so profound yet humble always? It feels great when someone really care about your feelings and existence. Popularity and other things fade away in-front of love and blessings from someone who stays miles away from you.

    I just to love to gaze, read and appreciate your comments.


    Pallav :)