Why Relationships Fail? Relationship Secrets For Satisfying Your Partner Revealed!

Pre-marital, extra marital, post marital and dead marital affairs are becoming a trend now. People are leaving their houses and sleeping with their mistresses. Why relationships fail? I don’t want to sound moralistic. I am not a preacher but I do believe in love. Like everyone, I crave for every small thing from my partner. I am basically a hyper-romantic person. I have seen many broken affairs, many successful associations and many hanging relations.

Life isn’t a bed of roses for everybody. The trauma and pain of love do hit you hard. It becomes painful and demoralizing and in some case frustrating. The world comes to standstill when you lose your love. You just can’t forget his or her smile and finally you decide to escape. You choose a life of passionate detachment. You try to run away from the harsh reality and eventually it catches you. You can’t escape my dear. It’s a beautiful world and you are here to feel its magnificence.

Relationship Secrets For Satisfying Your Partner Revealed!

Emotional support sounds extremely cliché but it’s one of the most satisfying aspects of a love relationship. Everyone needs a comforting shoulder at the end of the day. You should try to talk more with your partner.

Tease, laugh and cry with your mate. It will make your relationship strong. It will make you and your partner confident. Spend time and if you are into a long distance relationship than you should make a call everyday. A good communication is important for maintaining a long term bond. Praise your partner for every small achievement. Everyone loves honest flattery. Compliment him or her constantly.

Everyone needs physical bliss. In order to make your love life extremely successful, you should please your partners in bed. You should give them happiness to remember. I bet your partner can’t forget you if you are good behind closed doors. You should never be self centered at least while making love.

The world is running a never ending marathon. It’s chasing a void. Let’s take a break. Let’s look around. Let’s feel love near us. Let’s kiss life. Let’s party. One should learn the art of attraction and seduction for staying in a relationship. Our mundane life needs a pleasing love story. It’s never too late...

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  1. You see relationships are like sand you can't forcibly hold on to them, and yet you don't want to let them go...there s no right or wring true or false why some work and why some dont .

  2. No matter how many words we write...everyone's lifes are different...everyone's priorities are different...everyone does not feel the same way....It will continue as is....but being trustful is the key.

  3. Anonymous2:12 AM

    relation depends upon trust; it doesn't matter how far or together you are.

  4. Anonymous2:12 AM

    relation depends upon trust; it doesn't matter how far or together you are.

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